September 28

History events
1775 — (4th of Tishrei, 5536) First congregation founded at Stockholm
1942 — (17th of Tishrei, 5703) Нolocaust. ….. The Nazis activated a new train schedule that included the following daily direct transports: one train a day from Radom to Treblinka, one train a day from Cracow to Belzec, and one train a day would go from Lvov to Belzec. Each train would consist of 50 cars and carry 2,000 Jews. By November two more direct connections would be established: Lublin to Sobibor and Chlemno to Sobibor
1943 — (28th of Elul, 5703) Нolocaust. Over a forty-eight hour period Roman Jews deliver 50 kilograms of gold to the Gestapo in Rome, as ordered. ….. Pope Pius XII had offered to lend the Italian Jews 15 kilograms of gold if they could not collect the full amount themselves. In the end, it does not matter. The Germans lied, taking the gold and the Jews
1951 — (27th of Elul, 5711) “Israel’s waterfront, ….. its only border now open to the rest of the world, is being rapidly improved to handle its increased shipping activity and expanding young merchant marine, Raphael Recanati, general manager here of the Israel-America Line,” said here today. Mr. Recanati spoke glowingly of the improvements that have been made at the Port of Haifa and plans to improve conditions at the underutilized facilities at Tel Aviv. He also reported that the Israel-America line will add another freighter to its fleet, bringing to eight, the number of vessels plying the waters between the east coast of the United and the ports of Haifa and Tel Aviv
1956 — (23th of Tishrei, 5717) An Israeli delegation headed by Golda Meir that included Moshe Dayan, Moshe Carmel and Shimon Peres left Lod airport for a secret trip to Paris, the purpose of which was to explore the possibility of coordinating an attack on Egypt
1982 — (11th of Tishrei, 5743) Today the Israeli government established the Kahan Commission which four months later found Israel to be indirectly responsible for the massacres, and recommended Ariel Sharon’s resignation.
2000 — Ariel Sharon and an escort of over 1,000 Israeli police officers visited the Temple Mount complex, ….. site of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, the holiest place in the world to Jews and the third holiest site in Islam. Al Aqsa Intifada began. While there are those who claim that the violence was a spontaneous response of Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount, the reality differs from what might politely be called an Urban Myth. The Al Aqsa Intifada was the orchestrated response of Arafat to the Camp David proposals of Ehud Barak and backed by President Clinton. Arab history is replete with using violence as a response to diplomatic negotiations
2005 — (28th of Elul, 5760) The Jerusalem Post reported two major archeological finds. ….. First and foremost was a First-Temple period seal discovered amidst piles of rubble from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, The small-less than 1 cm — seal impression, or bulla, was discovered by Bar-Ilan University archaeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay amidst piles of rubble from the Temple Mount This marks the first time that an written artifact was found from the Temple Mount dating back to the First Temple period. The 2,600 year old artifact, with three lines in ancient Hebrew, was discovered amidst piles of rubble discarded by the Islamic Wakf that Barkay and a team of young archaeologists and volunteers are sifting through on the grounds of a Jerusalem national park. The seal, which predates the destruction of the First Jewish temple in 586 BCE, was presented Tuesday night, September 27, to the press at an archaeological conference at the City of David sponsored by the right-wing Elad organization. Barkay said that the find was the first of its kind from the time of King David. He has not yet determined what the writing is on the seal, although three Hebrew letters — thought to be the name of its owner — are visible on one of its line. The seal was found amidst thousands of tons of rubble discarded by Wakf officials at city garbage dumps six years ago, following the Islamic Trust’s unilateral construction of an mosque at an underground compound of the Temple Mount known as the Solomon’s Stables. Secondly, in a separate major archaeological development in Jerusalem, a Jewish ritual bath, or mikva, dating back to the Second Temple period, and a First Temple Wall have been found in an underground chamber adjacent to the Western Wall tunnels. The announcement came from Jon, Seligman, Jerusalem regional archaeologist for the Antiquities Authority’

1870 — (3th of Tishrei, 5631) In Novaya Michailovka, Russia, Yitzchak and Beyla Shapira gave birth Avraham Shaipria, “the legendary pioneer shomer of Petach Tikva
1916 — (1th of Tishrei, 5677) Birthdate of Yizhar Smilansky who was better known by his pen name Samech Yizhar He was an Israeli writer and a great innovator in modern Hebrew literature
1926 — (20th of Tishrei, 5687) Birthdate of Mordechai “Mottie” Hod, the sabra from Degania who commanded the Israeli Air Force during the Six Day War in 1967
1970 — Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt died. ….. Nasser had come to power as a reformer in the 1950’s. The Israelis had hoped that Nasser would make peace with the Jewish state. However, Nasser saw himself as Pan Arab leader who would unite the Arabs/Moslems in one unified entity from Morocco to Indonesia while driving the Western Imperialists from this domain. Nasser was committed to the destruction of Israel. He did not hate the West because of Israel. As he said, he hated Israel because it was of the West. Nasser was replaced by Sadat who made history with his trip to Jerusalem and the Camp David Accords