September 8

History events
1264 — (15th of Elul, 5024) The General Charter of Jewish Liberties known as the Statute of Kalisz was issued by the Duke of Greater Poland Boleslaus the Pious today in Kalisz. ….. The statute served as the basis for the legal position of Jews in Poland and led to creation of a Yiddish-speaking autonomous Jewish «nation within a nation», which lasted until the Third Partition of Poland in 1795. The statute granted exclusive jurisdiction over Jewish matters to Jewish courts and established a separate tribunal for matters involving Christians and Jews. Additionally, it guaranteed safety and personal liberties for Jews such as freedom of religion, trade, and travel. The statute was ratified by subsequent Polish Kings: Casimir III of Poland in 1334, Casimir IV of Poland in 1453, and Sigismund I of Poland in 1539
1486 — (9th of Tishrei, 5247) Joseph Günzenhäuser printed Hagiographa Variorum in Naples, Italy (This probably was one of the first annotated copies of the section of the TaNaCh known as Ketuvim or Writings)
1729 — (25th of Elul, 5489) Congregation Shearith Israel laid the foundation stone of the first building specifically to be used as a synagogue on Mill Street in New York City
1814 — (23th of Elul, 5574) The most important institution connected with Israel ben Solomon Wahrmann, the first officially recognize rabbi of Pest Hungary an elementary school called the Nationalschule which “was an important factor in raising the intellectual status of the community was dedicated today
1900 — (14th of Elul, 5660) Israelsky, accused of ritual murder at Konitz, acquitted
1906 — (18th of Elul, 5666) A three day pogrom that would result in the death of more than 32 Jews and negatively impacted “1,530 families” began today in Siedice, a town in the Polish part of the Russian Empire
1945 — (1th of Tishrei, 5705) In Vienna “3,500 Jews remaining from a pre-war Jewish population of 180,000 gathered in the ancient Stadt Temple for Rosh Hashanah Services
1952 — (18th of Elul, 5712) Israel agreed to accept reparation money from West Germany. The issue of accepting reparation money from West Germany was the cause of much acrimonious debate. Many in Israel did not want to take the money because they felt that no amount of funds could «buy» forgiveness for the Holocaust

1140 — (24th of Elul, 4900) While traveling to Palestine, Judah Halevi arrived in Alexandria (Egypt) where “he was enthusiastically greeted by friends and admirers.” He went on to Cairo where he turned down requests that he settle in the Egyptian city because he was determined to complete his journey to Jerusalem