September 7

History events
70 — (13th of Elul, 3830) On the secular calendar the date on which a Roman army under Titus occupied and plundered Jerusalem
1307 — (10th of Tishrei, 5068) Alexander Susskind passed away. ….. Susskind gave his whole fortune as ransom for the body of Rabbi Meir of Rottenberg. Rabbi Meir ben Baruch of Rothenburg was a Tosaphist (codifier and commentator on the Talmud), as well as a liturgical poet. He was imprisoned in the town of Ensisheim, which was located in Alsace in 1286. When he died in 1293, the authorities refused to release the body. Fourteen years later the authorities succumbed to their greed and allowed Susskind to buy it back. The remains were given a proper burial at the town of Worms
1434 — (4th of Tishrei, 5195) The Council of Basle instituted new measures against the Jews. The council, aside from adopting many of the old measures preventing interaction between Jews and Christians, prohibited Jews from entering Universities, and were forced to listen to conversion sermons. The council encouraged Christian study of Hebrew in order to «combat Jewish Heresy.»
1926 — (28th of Elul, 5686) JTA published figures portraying the employment picture in Palestine. ….. Unemployment has increased since the cessation of the building activity in the country. In July 1925, the number of unemployed was 300, in August 950, September 975. October 1,750, November 2,000. December 2,700, in January 1926, 4,729, February 4,741, March 4,902, April 5,657, May 6,113 and June 6,400. Most of the unemployed are in Tel Aviv where they number 3,500; in Haifa there are 1,500 unemployed and in Jerusalem 300. About 2,000 of the unemployed in Tel-Aviv belong to the building trades In the period from January to June 1926, over 5,000 immigrants are reported to have entered Palestine, about 1,400 of them being absorbed in the colonies
1929 — (2th of Elul, 5689) Based reports published today there are now 9,200 refugees scattered throughout Palestine as a result of Arab terror and violence. Of this number 2,500 are gathered in Jerusalem, 1,500 at Tel Aviv, 2,700 at Haifa and 2,500 at Safed
1948 — (3th of Elul, 5708) An undisclosed number of casualties were inflicted on Israeli troops and civilians today while Arab forces in northern Jerusalem suffered three killed and six wounded in a violent artillery and machine gun battle in Jerusalem that continued from dawn until almost noon
1951 — (6th of Elul, 5711) Spurred by the current food crisis, Israel has signed a contract with a private Ethiopian group for the purchase within the next year of 10,000 tons of meat equal to six months’ rations for the entire Israeli population. Shipments from Eritrea through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba to the Israeli port of Elath are expected to begin in a few months.
1969 — (24th of Elul, 5729) During the ‘War of Attrition “Shayetet 13 carried out Operation Escort, raiding the Egyptian anchorage at Ras Sadat and destroying a pair of Egyptian P-183 torpedo-boats

1848 — (9th of Elul, 5608) Forty-one year old Abraham Kohn, the leading Reform Rabbi in Lemberg died today after having been poisoned yesterday Abraham Ber Pilpel who had been hired by traditionalist offended by impact that Reform was having on their concept of Judaism.
1891 — (4th of Elul, 5651) Hirsch (Heinrich) Graetz, Jewish historian, died