September 19

History events
1899 — (15nd of Tishrei, 5660) L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper, runs a story about a Christian boy found dead in Hungary, his blood drained out by Jews who wanted it for their ghastly, superstitious rituals
1917 — (3nd of Tishrei, 5678) Anti-Jewish riots in Tunis cause five Jews to be injured, and their shops pillaged and vandalized
1941 — (27th of Elul, 5701) Thousands of Jews are murdered at Zhitomir, Ukraine
1951 — (18th of Elul, 5711) According to a survey conducted by the government of Israel ….. that was released today, ‘rationed and other available supplies constituting Israel’s austerity food basket in 1950 provided adequate nourishment… However, part of the public faced malnutrition because it could not afford buy all the supplies to which it is entitled or because it rejected part of the austerity diet because of food habits. The team used the consumption of 2,400 calories as the baseline and a quarter of those interviewed in the sample consumed 2,400 or fewer calories per day
1988 — (8nd of Tishrei, 5749) Israel launched its first satellite for secret military reconnaissance
2002 — (12th of Tishrei, 5763) ….. Shoshana (Rosanna) Siso, 63, of Gan Yavneh; Ofer Zinger, 29, of Moshav Petza’el; Solomon Hoenig, 79, of Tel Aviv; Yossi Mamistavlov, 39 of Or Yehuda; Yaffa Shemtov, 49, of Tel Aviv and Jonathan (Yoni) Jesner, 19, of Glasgow, Scotland were murdered and 70 more people were injured when a Palestinian terrorists set off a bomb aboard a bus on Allenby Street as passed in front of the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv
2005 — (15th of Elul, 5765) President Moshe Katsav laid the foundation stone for Estonia’s first synagogue since the Holocaust when the Nazis boasted there was not a single Jew left in the Baltic nation

1590 — (20th of Elul) Rabbi Judah Arye Moscato…whose principle fame rests on his exegesis, Kol Yehuda of Al Charzari, which was printed for the first time in Fano, Italy in passed away today
1724 — (2nd of Tishrei, 5485) Gluckel of Hamelin passed away
1757 — (5nd of Tishrei, 5518) Birth of Mantua native Samuel Romanelli who combined the skills of a Hebrew poet with that of a traveler able to provide readable descriptions of his visits to a variety of Jewish communities
1812 — (13nd of Tishrei, 5573) Mayer Rothschild, founder of the Frankfort banking-house, died
1894 — (18th of Elul, 5654) Birthdate of Dov Hoz, the native of Orsha who made Aliyah in 1906 and who a leading labor Zionist, founder of the Haganah and the founder and CEO of «Aviron,» a pioneer of aviation in Israel that trained pilot and established flight lines in Israel and outside
1904 — (10nd of Tishrei, 5665) Birthdate of Avot Yeshurun, a Ukrainian born, Israeli poet