September 16

History events
1922 — (23th of Elul, 5682) The League Nations recognized the Jewish Agency as the organization authorized to act in concert with the British Mandate authorities with a view to “facilitating the Jewish immigration and fostering intensive settlement of Israelites on the soil of the country.”
1941 — (24th of Elul, 5701) Jews from the town of Uman were brought to ditches at the airfield upon the excuse of taking a town census. SS officers systematically went down the line with pistols and shot each of the Jews — men, woman and children alike. The death toll was an estimated 22,000
1942 — (5th of Tishrei, 5703) Six thousand Jews from Jedrzejów, Poland, are murdered at the Treblinka death camp
1943 — (16th of Elul, 5703) The Nazis deported the first Italian Jews from the town of Merano With Mussolini no longer running the Italian government; Germany had taken control of 95% of Italy.
1948 — (12th of Elul, 5708) Count Folke Bernadotte the «U.N. mediator on Palestine» recommended ….. that the Israel Negev «should be defined as Arab territory» and made part of Transjordan. He also supported the unconditional or Arab refugees to the state of Israel. He had previously recommended that the port of Haifa should be placed under international control and turning control over Jewish immigration to the United Nations. The following day Bernadotte was assassinated by members of a group founded by Lehi also known as the Stern Gang
1951 — (15th of Elul, 5711) Despite the on-going food shortages, Israel’s economy showed growth and vitality today “when Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion formally opened the new plant of the General Tire and Rubber Company” located near Petah Tkiva
1972 — (8th of Tishrei, 5733) Following the Munich Massacre, Israel launched Operation Extended Turmoil 4 against bases in southern Lebanon, containing an estimated 600 guerrillas. “Golani forces reached the Litani River in the east, while Paratroopers reached Juwaya just south of the river. Most of the guerrilla forces did not engage the Israelis and chose to retreat, although over 40 of them were killed.”
2009 — (27th of Elul, 5769) There are now 7,465,000 people living in Israel, the central bureau of statistics reported today

1843 — (21st of Elul, 5603) Ezekiel Hart passed away. Born in 1767, he was a Jewish Canadian entrepreneur and politician, and the first Jew to be elected to public office in the British Empire
1847 — (6th of Tishrei, 5608) Grace Aguilar, English novelist and writer on Jewish history, died
1924 — (17th of Elul, 5684) Birthdate of Bess Myerson who was crowned Miss American in 1945 and who was the first (and only Jew) to win the honor
1935 — (18th of Elul, 5695) Isaac Loeb Goldberg, “one of the world’s foremost Jewish philanthropists and a founder of the modern Zionist movement passed away today at the age of 75