September 14

History events
1614 — (21th of Tishrei, 5375) Mass murder of Jews in Salonica, killed while returning from the Dolia market
1615 — (1th of Tishrei, 5376) Today, Shabbtai Zvi became a Muslim ….. when he was brought before the Sultan where took off his Jewish head dress, replacing it with Turkish turban. The repercussions of his conversion sent shock waves throughout the Jewish world and were to be felt for many years. Some of his followers claimed that it wasn’t really him who converted; others professed that this was the proof that he was the Messiah by going to Islam to redeem them as well. The Sultan, aware that killing Shabbtai Zvi would have made him a martyr, had «convinced» Shabbtai that converting to Islam was in his best interest
1885 — (5th of Tishrei, 5646) It was reported today that from 1847 until January of 1885, 85,000 Russian Jews and 11,000 Polish Jews had come to the United States. In the last 8 months, an additional 9,000 had arrived in America. Currently, there are 69,000 foreign born Jews living in the United States
1936 — (27th of Elul, 5696) The Maccabees of Tel Aviv, soccer champions of Palestine, arrived in New York City today for a tour of North America
1938 — (18th of Elul, 5698) ….. While escorting a laborer’s cart, Alfred Asher, a Jewish policeman, was shot dead on the road between Rehovoth and Givat Brenner; Three Jews were killed when a land mine exploded under their car while they traveled on the road between Afuleh and Kirat Zion; Late in the afternoon Dr. Abraham Rosenthal, a well-known heart specialist in Jerusalem was shot dead at Ramleh while driving from Tel Aviv
1941 — (22nd of Elul, 5701) Nine thousand Jews were killed by the Nazis in Slonim
1948 — (10th of Elul, 5708) David Ben-Gurion met with all 64 Palmach commanding officers. ….. He explained to them why he was abolishing the Palmach National Command which had acted as an army within an army since the establishment of the IDF. Ben-Gurion was determined to see to it that there was only national military force in Israel and that it was under the control of the government. Neither the Irgun on the right nor the Palmach on the left would be allowed to undermine this goal
1948 — (10th of Elul, 5708) With the sound of shellfire from Arab artillery in the background, ….. Dr. Felix Rosenblueth, the Ministers of Justice swore in the first five justices to serve on Israel’s newly created Supreme Court. Chief Justice Moshe Smoira and Justices Rabbi Simcha Assaf, Itzhak Olshan, Moshe Dunkelblum and Schneur Zalman Cheshin covered their heads and recited the oath “to maintain fidelity to the State of Israel and its laws and not to swerve from justice but to judge people properly.” This is the first Jewish court to sit in a Jewish state since the Sanhedrin met in the days of the Second Commonwealth
2005 — (10th of Elul, 5765) Days after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza the Palestinian Religious Scholars Society issued a fatwa (Islamic religious decree) forbidding normalization with Israel

1427 — (13th of Elul, 5187) Yaakov ben Moshe Levi Moelin, known as the Maharil (Our Teach, the Rabbi, Yaakov Levi) who was the son and pupil Moshe Levi Moelin the Rabbi of Mainz passed away today in Worms
1814 — (29th of Elul, 5574) Albert Cohn, Jewish scholar and philanthropist, born
1964 — (8th of Tishrei, 5725) Fifty-eight year old Vasily Grossman passed away today