September 13

History events
1625 — (21th of Elul, 5385) Rabbi Isaiah Horowith and 15 other rabbis were arrested in Jerusalem by an Arab leader and held for ransom. ….. Rabbi Isaiah ben Avraham Ha-Levi Horowitz, known as the Shlah after the title of one of his major works Shnei Luchos Ha-Bris, was a renowned Halachist, kabbalist and communal leader. Born in Prague in 1565, he made aliyah in 1621 after the death of his wife. Unlike most others, he settled in Jerusalem where he worked to rebuild the community. After his release he moved to Tiberius where he was buried next to the grave of the Rambam
1666 — (23th of Elul, 5426) Shabbethai Ẓebi embraces Mohammedanism
1782 — (5nd of Tishrei, 5543) The Kahal Kadosh Mickvé Israel, the first Jewish congregation in Philadelphia, PA, dedicated its new building on Cherry near Third Street. Haym Salomon, of Revolutionary War fame, “agreed to pay one fourth of the cost” of the new building which had a price tag of £600
1846 — (22th of Elul, 5606) Representatives of Rome’s Jewish community send a message to Pope Pius IX complaining about the conditions they live in and asking for release from the many onerous restrictions that have been imposed upon them by recent popes
1942 — (2nd of Tishrei, 5703) Forty Rabbis of the ghetto of Lodz were killed by the Nazis
1948 — (9th of Elul, 5708) Four Jews, including two children, were killed in Jerusalem today by shelling from the Arab Legion
1949 — (19th of Elul, 5709) It was reported today that the Jerusalem ….. municipality had adopted unanimously a resolution reiterating opposition to the internationalization of the city. The resolution stated that “in view of the present eff19orts to reintroduce plans for the internationalization of Jerusalem the municipality once more declares in the name of the inhabitants that it will accept only full Israel sovereignty. Jerusalemites fought and shed their blood for the city when it was abandoned by all the world, and they will continue to defend it so that it will remain the capital of Israel
1950 — (2nd of Tishrei, 5711) Israeli forces have occupied an area at Naharayim ….. along the border of Jordan because it is Israel’s territory under the Rhodes armistice agreement with King Abdullah, an Army spokesman said today. The territory controls the confluence of the Yarmuk and Jordan Rivers. “The confluence is about six miles south of the Sea of Galilee and” near the Rutenberg hydroelectric works
1973 — (16th of Elul, 5733) Syrian and Israeli planes clash over the Mediterranean. The Israelis shoot down 13 Syrian MIGS while losing only one plane.
1993 — (27th of Elul, 5753) In a triumph of hope over history, Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, and Yasir Arafat, the chairman of the P.L.O., shook hands today on the White House lawn, sealing the first agreement between Jews and Palestinians to end their conflict and share the holy land along the River Jordan that they both call home

1629 — (6nd of Tishrei, 5390) Johannes Buxtorf I., Christian scholar, died
1894 — (12th of Elul, 5654) Birthdate of Julian Tuwim, the Polish born Jewish poet
1924 — (14th of Elul, 5684) Birthdate of Israel Tal, the IDF general who was an expert in Tank Warfare and took the lead in developing the Merkava Tank