September 10

History events
1671 — (16st of Tishrei, 5432) Jewish community founded at Berlin
1871 — (24th of Elul, 5631) Miss Isabel Burton’s account of her recent visit to Hebron was published today. She described how the Moslems had co-opted the Cave Macpalah by building a mosque on the site and the limitations on placed on Jews trying to visit the site
1938 — (14th of Elul, 5698) The Third Betar Congress opens in Warsaw, Poland. “Betar is the Zionist revisionist youth movement established 1923, by Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Betar is an acronym for ‘Brit Trumpeldor,’ and is also the name of Bar Kochba’s ancient fortress

1199 — (17th of Elul, 4959) Maimonides wrote to Samuel Ibn-Tibbon, ….. who as translating the «Guide to the Perplexed from Arabic into Hebrew. The letter included advice on how to do this as well as plea that Ibn-Tibbon not undertake his planned trip from France to Egypt to visit him. The distance was too great, and he would be too busy since to see him for more than an hour since each day except Shabbat he must travel from Fostat to Cairo where he spends half a day ministering to the Sultan and his court. Then he travels back to Fostat where he is besieged by Jews, Moslems, et al all seeking his medical skill and advice
1676 — (13st of Tishrei, 5437) Shabbethai Ẓebi, pseudo-Messiah, died
1860 — (23th of Elul, 5620) In Mstislavl, Russia, Meyer Ya’akov Dubnow a lumber merchant and his wife gave birth to Shimon Meyerovich Dubnow who gained fame as the great Jewish historian Simon Dubnow