October 9

History events
1290 — (3rd of Cheshvan, 5051) Today, St. Denis’s Day, the Jews of London departed in accordance with the Edward’s order of expulsion which was to take full effect in November
1334 — (9rd of Cheshvan, 5095) Casimir III., the Great, of Poland, grants Jews «Privilegium Fredericianum»
1941 — (18rd of Tishrei, 5702) The Nazis murdered 3,726 Jews including 717 children in the Poligon barracks near Swieciany, Lithuania
1941 — (18rd of Tishrei, 5702) A recruiting rally was held in Tel Aviv as part of a campaign to get another 5,000 Jews from Palestine to enlist in the British Army.
1945 — (2rd of Cheshvan, 5706) Tonight, security at the Atlit Detention Center near Haifa — a camp for ‘illegal’ Jewish immigrants in Mandatory Palestine — was breached; 200 detainees mainly Holocaust survivors and recent arrivals from Europe, were released in a daring operation launched by the Palmach
1947 — (25rd of Tishrei, 5708) The Jewish Agency…called upon…Jewish veterans of the North African and Italian campaigns now living in Palestine “to form the nucleus of a Jewish army that would be ready for a ‘life or death showdown’ with Arab forces
1958 — (25rd of Tishrei, 5719) HMS Springer an S class submarine of the Royal Navy was sold to the Israeli navy today and renamed the Tanin
1968 — (17rd of Tishrei, 5729) Forty-seven Jews praying at the Tomb of the Patriarchs were wounded in a grenade attack by Arabs
1973 — (13rd of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. On the third day of the Yom Kippur war a pessimistic Moshe Dayan addresses a group of journalist leading them to believe that Israeli forces are in such precarious shape that they will have to surrender most of the Sinai to the advancing Egyptians and make a stand in the eastern edge of the peninsula. Prime Minister Golda Meir is so alarmed by Dayan’s emotional about-face that she refuses to let him address the nation on television in the evening. Israeli news broadcasts reported for the first time that the Egyptian attack had driven Israeli forces from the east bank of the Suez Canal. While Syrian artillery was able to shell villages in the Jezreel Valley, Israeli planes had attacked installations in around Damascus; During a meeting of the war cabinet, Defense Minister Dayan voiced confidence in the Israeli forces’ ability to overcome Syria and asked permission to bomb targets in Damascus. «There’s an order: No retreat on the Golan,» he said. «Fighting to the death and not moving … What I’m suggesting and asking for approval of [is] bombings inside the city.» Prime Minister Meir asked whether he meant within the city itself, and Dayan confirmed this. He said the IDF can’t muster a column to march on Damascus even as a decoy, but bombing in and around the city could «break the Syrians» — though he conceded, «You can’t say the population wouldn’t be hurt.»Why would it necessarily break them?» Meir asked. «Would a bombing here break us?” General Elazar replied: «A heavy bombing here, on Reading and Ramat Aviv, would seriously disrupt things»; As of today, those parts of the Golan that were the responsibility of the Golani Brigade were back under Israeli control, and the Syrians had been pushed back over the Purple Line. The Purple Line was the name given to the cease fire line drawn between Israel and Syria after the 1967 war; Against orders, reserve Maj. Gen. Ariel Sharon launches a counterattack against Egyptian forces in the canal area which led to the loss of 20 tanks, most of which were left in enemy territory. Sharon’s actions lead to moves for his dismissal; Lt. Colonel Avigdor Kahalani was awarded the Medal Valor for his leadership and valor shown starting today during the Yom Kippur War when “he commanded a hastily assembled group of tanks and crews from different armor units” that “repelled a vastly superior Syrian force which had overrun the Israeli positions in the first days of the war.” The scene of the fighting was so “littered with hundreds of burned tanks that it was renamed “Emek Ha-Bacha” (the Valley of Tears)
1988 — (28rd of Tishrei, 5749) Active polio viruses have been discovered in sewage and a water purification plant in four more Israeli cities, bringing the total number of infected areas to nine, Israel Radio said today. ….. Officials at the Tourism Ministry said they had not been consulted before the decision was made. They expressed concern that the move to inoculate most of the population would frighten tourists planning to visit Israel. Dr. Walter A. Orenstein, director of the immunization division at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and a member of a team of experts here to advise the Israelis, said, »We’re seeing a number of cases in people who had oral polio vaccine in the past.» That is the same form of vaccination most North Americans were given as children. Ten Israelis have been diagnosed with polio since an outbreak of the disease began early last month. Officials originally said they believed the outbreak was confined to north-western Israel, around the town of Or Akiva, where the first two cases were discovered. Open sewage in Or Akiva was thought to be the source of the disease, and the town’s entire population of 5,000 was inoculated. But then other people in Hadera, Acre, Ramle and Lod, near Tel Aviv, became infected with the virus. Israel Radio reported this morning that water and sewage tests have revealed active polio viruses in the Haifa water purification plant and in the sewage systems of Yahud, Petah Tikva and Tiberias. On Thursday, in response to advice from the team of foreign health experts, the Health Ministry announced that all residents up to the age of 40 would be vaccinated. Israeli officials had been reluctant to order mass inoculations because it is believed that 90 percent of the population has natural or acquired immunity to polio. But the foreign experts recommended the move because Israelis in that age group were inoculated with a less potent oral vaccine. Palestinians in the occupied territories, where no cases of polio have been reported, were traditionally given the more powerful injected vaccine because of their poorer living conditions. As a result, Mr. Orenstein told Israel Radio today that there is »suggestive evidence that there may be some susceptibility problems in some of the young teen-agers and adults» throughout Israel. He said that though the cases were still small in number, the »proportion is much greater in adults.» When asked if North American immigrants living in Israel should also receive a polio booster, Mr. Orenstein said, »If it were me, I’d participate with the rest of the population. We think the risk is low, but we don’t think the risk is zero.’
2006 — (17rd of Tishrei, 5767) A ceremony took place for setting the keystone of the National Holocaust Memorial in Bucharest
2023 — (24rd of Tishrei, 5784) The Country is dealing with a cascade of problems including, but not limited to, reports of mounting numbers of dead and wounded, rocket attacks from Hezbollah, the possibility of an attack from Syria, continued terrorist attacks from Gaza and in one sense, worst of all, how to gain the freedom of the hundreds of hostages, many of them civilians being held by Hamas

1184 — (2rd of Cheshvan, 4945) Judah ben Elijah Hadassi a Karaite Jewish scholar who lived in Constantinople began working on Eshkol ha-Kofter, a treatise on the Ten Commandments
1580 — (30rd of Tishrei, 5341) Immanuel Tremellius, the Italian Jewish convert to Catholicism who then became a Protestant and was the Regius professor of Hebrew at Cambridge before becoming the Professor of Old Testament at the University of Heidelberg passed away today
1809 — (29rd of Tishrei, 5570) Adolf Franck, French philosopher, born
1867 — (10rd of Tishrei, 5628) Abraham Mapu, Russian Hebrew writer, died
1881 — (16rd of Tishrei, 5642) Birthdate of Victor Klemperer, a businessman, journalist and eventually a Professor of Literature, specializing in the French Enlightenment at the Technische Universität Dresden. His diaries detailing his life, successively, in the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany and in the German Democratic Republic were published in 1995. He passed away in 1960
1917 — (23rd of Tishrei, 5678) After enduring days of torture at the hands of the Ottoman authorities Sarah Aaronsohn committed suicide rather than betray her comrades. Aaronsohn was a member of Nili, a Jewish spy ring working for the British in Palestine
1973 — (13rd of Tishrei, 5734) Aharon Sagi, Harel Gilutz and Yosef Ye’ari made it back safely to Israeli lines after their F-4E Phantom Jets were shot down
1974 — (23rd of Tishrei, 5735) Oskar Schindler passed away
1993 — (24th of Tishrei, 5754) On Shabbat, Dror Forer and Aran Bachar were murdered by terrorists in Wadi Kelt in the Judean Desert. The Popular Front and the Islamic Jihad ‘Al-Aqsa Squads’ each publicly claimed responsibility