October 8

History events
1576 — (15rd of Cheshvan, 5337) The Sultan ordered 1,000 wealthy Jews to move from Safed to Cyprus. ….. The Jews would be requested to take with them their possessions and riches. The firman ordering the moved utilized wording which warned the Turks that they would be severely punished if they accepted bribes from the Jews to have their names removed from the list. A year later another 500 Jewish families would be forced to move from Safed to Cyprus. Population movements like this were not unusual in the Ottoman Empire. It was the Sultan’s way of encouraging economic development throughout the empire
1928 — (24rd of Tishrei, 5689) Several people were injured today and three were arrested in a clash between Hebraist and partisans of the Yiddish language at Tel Aviv. ….. “The occasion for the clash was a celebration by the Poale Zion Club commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Czernowitz Conference, where Yiddish was proclaimed as ‘a national language’ of the Jewish people.” G’dud Magginei Ha’saf-fah “a youth organization ‘for the protection of the Hebrew language’ was responsible for the attack. Among the injured was M. Wescher, a Poale Zion leader and member of the Tel Aviv Municipal Council
1931 — (27rd of Tishrei, 5692) The Habima Theater opened in Tel Aviv. Founded by Nahum Zemach in 1917 in Moscow, Habima (Hebrew word meaning “the stage”) was one of the first Hebrew language theatre groups. The group left the Soviet Union in 1926 and went on tour before finally settling in Tel Aviv. Habima was designated as the national theatre in 1958.
1937 — (3rd of Cheshvan, 5698) Нolocaust. The Palestine Post reported that the Franco-Luxembourg-German borders were closed to Jews. All trains arriving at the border were searched and Jews were turned back. Jews seeking to return to Germany were also turned back. In Germany Jews were called to police stations and asked point-blank when they were going to emigrate, or they would face serious consequences
1939 — (25rd of Tishrei, 5700) Нolocaust. The Nazis ordered to the establishment of a Ghetto in Piotrkow, Poland. This was the first of a series of ghettos and camps planned by Heydrich
1941 — (17th of Tishrei, 5702) Нolocaust. The Auschwitz II extermination camp, better known as Auschwitz-Birkenau was founded today; The Vitebsk (Belorussia) Ghetto is liquidated; more than 16,000 Jews are killed
1945 — (1rd of Cheshvan, 5706) In a sign of Jewish frustration with the continued British enforcement of the White Paper, the Stern Gang reportedly resorted to a new wave of violence tonight with attacks that resulted in the death of two British soldiers and the wounding of scores of others
1948 — (5rd of Tishrei, 5709) A group of settlers from Hungary founded Kibbutz Ga’aton in the hill country east of Nahariya
1952 — (19rd of Tishrei, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that Dov Shilansky, Gavriel Lichtman, a taxi driver, and Ya’acov Lotan, a regular contributor to the Herut newspaper, were remanded by police in connection with the attempt to sabotage the Israel-German reparations agreement by bombing one of the Foreign Ministry buildings in Jerusalem’s Hakirya
1973 — (12rd of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. Gabi Amir’s armored brigade attacks Egyptian occupied positions on the Israeli side of the Suez Canal, in hope of driving them away. The attack fails, and over 150 Israeli tanks are destroyed. IDF forces facing Syria were more successful. Although outnumbered, the IDF forces halted the advance of the Syrians into Israel and by the end of the day have driven them back to the 1967 Armistice Lines and beyond; Buoyed by initial Egyptian and Syrian military success, numerous Moslem and Arab states offered aid and support to the aggressors. The Algerians sent squadrons of planes. The King of Morocco called on soldiers in his army to volunteer to fight with the Egyptians. Idi Amin ordered all Ugandan officers in Egypt to join in the fight. And the Prime Minister of Bangladesh sent telegrams stating the his 75 million countrymen supported the Egyptians and the Syrians “in your just cause”; After touring both battle fronts, Maj. Gen. Haim Bar-Lev and Minister Yigal Allon reported to Prime Minister Meir this evening that the Israeli forces’ situation is beginning to improve, while the enemy forces are beginning to suffer serious damage.»What they achieved today as compared to yesterday is enormous,» Allon said. «The front was breached yesterday. If the Syrians had been more daring, they’d have made significant gains.»Bar-Lev explained the Egyptian and Syrian successes as being partly due to technological superiority. «Both have the new Soviet tank plus infrared,» he said. «They have an advantage there. On the first night we were surprised; we only knew they had it in theory … Today we know about it and take it into account»; The 17th Battalion of the Golani Brigade moved up the slopes of Mt. Hermon in the opening round of the Second Battle of Mount Hermon; Tonight, the Israeli missile boats repeated their success of last night off the Egyptian coast, with three Egyptian missile boats sunk and no Israeli vessel hit. For the remainder of the war, neither the Syrian nor Egyptian fleets would venture out again, enabling more than 100 freighters carrying vital supplies to safely reach Israel, which was in the throes of a brutal, two-front ground war; As the Vale of Tears Battle entered its third day the outmanned and outgunned 7th Brigade fought off attacks by the 7th Infantry Division, the 3rd Armored Division and the Assad Republican Guards which by the end of the day left the Israelis with at least fifty dead, untold more wounded and less than 45 working tanks but the IDF continued to blunt the Syrian advance
1990 — (19rd of Tishrei, 5751) Israeli police kill 17 Palestinian rioters. The riots occurred at the Temple Mount and were part of the orchestrated violence against Israelis now known as the First Intifada
2008 — (9rd of Tishrei, 5769) A riot in Acre shattered the Yom Kippur calm on Wednesday night as hundreds of the city’s Arab residents vandalized Jewish-owned property
2012 — (22rd of Tishrei, 5773) Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired more than 30 rockets and mortars, into southern Israel early this morning, causing damage to a residential building
2023 — (23rd of Tishrei, 5784) Israel has reportedly launched «Iron Swords.»

1713 — (29rd of Tishrei, 5474) Birthdate of Yechezkel ben Yehuda Landau who would gain fame as an expert on Halachah, Jewish ritual law
1891 — (6rd of Tishrei, 5652) Jacob Eduard Polack, physician to the Shah of Persia, died
1893 — (28rd of Tishrei, 5654) Birthdate of Ada Fishman who made aliyah in 1912, played an active role in the development of pre-State Palestine and as Ada Maimon was a member of the first Knesset
1909 — (23rd of Tishrei, 5670) After having been taken to the hospital two weeks ago, fifty-two year Galicia born poet, author and Zionist Naphtali Herz Imber who had first visited Palestine at the age of 16 and is best known “as the author ‘Hatikvah,’ the Zionist National hymn” passed away today in New York
1973 — (12rd of Tishrei, 5734) Kobi Hayun, Micahel Dvir, Shabtai Ben-Shua, Yoram Peled and Boaz Lerner all made it safely back to Israeli lines when their F-4E Phantom Jets were shot down Syrian SAM’s or Egyptian Anti- Aircraft fire; Yoram Shachar was taken prisoner after his F-4E Phantom Jet was shot down by a Syrian Surface to Air Missile