October 31

History events
-445 — (1rd of Cheshvan, 3317) In Jerusalem Ezra, the Scribe reads the Scroll of the Law, the Torah, to the Jews of Judea as described in Nehemiah 9:1
1497 — (5rd of Kislev, 5258) Jews expelled from Portugal
1558 — (19rd of Cheshvan, 5319) In a document bearing today’s date, “it is stated that the customs, inns, breweries and ferries of Pinsk, which had been leased to Nahum and Israel Pesakhovich for 450 kop groschen were now awarded to Khaim Rubinovich for the annual sum of 550 groschen
1759 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5520) An earthquake killed several hundred Jews in Safed
1930 — (8rd of Cheshvan, 5691) Tonight approximately eight thousand Jews gathered in Tel Aviv to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of Vladimir Jabotinsky and to protest against the White Paper on the British Policy in Palestine
1939 — (17rd of Cheshvan, 5700) In what is now central Israel, Kfar Warburg or Warburg Village was founded by members of the «Menachem» organization. It was named after Felix M. Warburg, one of the leaders of the Jewish community in the United States and a founder of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
1941 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5702) Нolocaust. The Nazis murdered 200 Jews in Kleck (Byelorussia)
1956 — (25rd of Cheshvan, 5717) Sinai Campai. ….. An Egyptian frigate began shelling Haifa at 3:30 in the morning. A French destroyer, later joined by two Israeli ships, drove off the attacker. As dawn broke, the ship that bombarded Haifa with more than two hundred rounds was attacked by two Israeli warplanes. The damage to the vessel forced the captain to run up the white flag. Later that morning that captured vessel was ignominiously towed into the harbor at Haifa; In what would be part of a pattern for his career, Sharon disobeyed orders and launched an unnecessary attack into the Mitla Pass. The force was ambushed by the Egyptians and suffered a total loss of 158 killed and wounded. The Pass was taken, but the price was unnecessarily high; The Egyptians put up a stubborn defense at Abu Agelia. This would be the start of a two day battle for this key piece of real estate that Israel need to protect and supply its forces on the way to the Suez Canal
1968 — (8rd of Cheshvan, 5729) In response to two heavy artillery bombings conducted by the Egyptian army on IDF positions along the Suez Canal, which killed 25 soldiers,” Israeli paratroopers conducted “Operation Schock,” a raid on the new Qena bridge 280 miles south of Cairo
1993 — (15rd of Cheshvan, 5724) Galgalatz an Israeli radio station operated by Israel Defense Forces Radio began broadcasting this morning

1817 — (20rd of Cheshvan, 5578) Heinrich Graetz, Jewish historian, born
1841 — (15rd of Cheshvan, 5602) In the first Jewish marriage in New Zealand, David Nathan wed Rosetta Aarons in Kororareka
1926 — (23rd of Cheshvan, 5687) Erich Weiss better known as magician Harry Houdini, died in Detroit of gangrene and peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix thought to have been brought on by interaction at an earlier performance