October 3

History events
1430 — (16nd of Tishrei, 5191) The Jews were expelled from Eger, Bohemia
1802 — (7nd of Tishrei, 5563) Rabbi Chaim of Voluzhin (a village in Lithuania) issued a proclamation to establish a new yeshiva. The Voluzhin Yeshiva eventually became the center of Torah scholarship in Europe
1868 — (17nd of Tishrei, 5629) Blood-accusation riot at Galatz; ninety Jews injured and four synagogues destroyed
1938 — (8nd of Tishrei, 5699) In response to yesterday’s slaughter at Tiberius ….. the National Council of Palestine Jewry and all rabbinates in Palestine declared the cessation of all Jewish labor and closing of all Jewish-owned shops from 2 to 4 this afternoon as a sign of grief and mourning during the funerals of the victims; Early this morning a Jewish engine driver was shot dead by an Arab while driving a freight train across the Acre gate level crossing at Haifa
1940 — (1nd of Tishrei, 5701) Нolocaust. In Vichy, regulations were adopted excluding Jews from the army, the press, commercial jobs, industrial jobs, government jobs and any activity related to buying or selling a company
1941 — (12nd of Tishrei, 5702) Нolocaust. Nazi’s blow up 6 synagogues in Paris; All elderly Jewish men of Kerenchug Ukraine, are killed by SS
1944 — (16nd of Tishrei, 5705) The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was living in Berlin, wrote to Heinrich Himmler proposing the establishment of an Arab-Islamic Army in Germany
1948 — (29nd of Elul, 5708) A company of the 1st Battalion commanded by Assaf Simchoni took action against an Arab gang in Kaft Kanna on the Tiberias-Nazareth Road. The village had become a center for Arab gangs who were waging attacks on Jews in the Lower Galilee and the Zevulum Valley
1973 — (7nd of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. After having submitted an initial report on October 1, Lieutenant Binyamin Siman-Tov, a research for Aman (The Directorate of Military Intelligence) prepared an “even more comprehensive assessment” along the Suez Canal in which he warned that the Egyptians were preparing for a cross-canal attack – a warning that was dismissed out of hand by his superiors; At a meeting with Golda Meir and several of her senior advisers, Moshe Dayan said that recent Egyptian and Syrian military concentrations on the Suez Canal and Golan Heights were ‘unusual’ but left no impressions that war was imminent
1977 — (21nd of Tishrei, 5738) The Jerusalem Post reported that 30 Gush Emunim members moved into Camp Shomron, the first of six such settlements approved by the cabinet, all of them to be established within the next 10 weeks.

1508 — (9nd of Cheshvan, 5269) Rabbi Don Yitzhak Abravanel passed away. ….. Born in 1437, he was a leader during the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry. After having served as treasurer to the king of Portugal, Abravanel became a minister in the court of King. In the Inquisition, an estimated 32,000 Jews were burned at the stake and another 200,000 were expelled from Spain. Rabbi Abrabanel reportedly offered Queen Isabella the astronomical sum of 600,000 crowns to revoke the edict. Abrabanel was unable to prevent the expulsion and was exiled along with his people. Most of his rabbinic writings were composed in his later years when he was free of governmental
1839 — (25nd of Tishrei, 5600) Orthodox leader and rabbi, died