October 26

History events
1407 — (24th of Cheshvan, 5168) Mobs attacked the Jews in Cracow, Poland. The so-called Cracow Accusations was one of the first libels in Poland. The Jews tried to defend themselves and were forced to take refuge in the Church of St. Anne which was surrounded and then set afire. Any children left alive were forcibly baptized
1496 — (19th of Cheshvan, 5257) An edict expelling the Jews was signed in Naples
1860 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5621) In Sweden, Jews, who up until now were only permitted to own property in urban areas, were granted the “right to acquire real estate in rural communities.
1935 — (29rd of Tishrei, 5696) In Berlin, “the Propaganda Ministry said today that all Jewish names would be eliminated from future war memorials but that those already erected would not be touched
1943 — (27rd of Tishrei, 5704) Three thousand Jews are deported from Kovno, Lithuania, to the slave-labor camp at Klooga, Estonia
1955 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5716) An Egyptian raid today against the small Israeli post at Be’erotaim resulted in the killing of one Israeli soldier and the capture of two others; ….. A large force of Egyptian soldiers reinforced with artillery, armor and anti-aircraft cannon, took up positions on both sides of the demilitarized zone near Sabcha and Ras-Siram” with “elements of the Egyptian force penetrating one kilometer into Israeli territory and entrenching themselves near a strategic hill, code-named “Lilly” by the Israelis
1956 — (21th of Cheshvan, 5717) The 202nd Paratroopers Brigade, under the command of Ariel Sharon, is assigned to drop a paratroopers regiment in the Mitla Pass in Sinai and to lead the rest of the brigade forces via land to the landing zone in the Mitla Pass. Sharon is not aware that the task of his brigade is chiefly to deceive the Egyptian army
2004 — (11th of Cheshvan, 5765) Israel’s parliament approved Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank
2016 — A rare, ancient papyrus dating to the First Temple Period” which “has been found to bear the oldest known mention of Jerusalem in Hebrew was formally unveiled by the Israel Antiquities Authority today

1898 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5659) A Zionist Delegation led by Theodor Herzl arrives in the port of Yaffo (Jaffa). They visit Mikveh Israel and Rishon LeZion
1926 — (18th of Cheshvan, 5687) In Paris, France, the trial of Sholom Schwartzbard comes to an end. A jury of 12 petit-bourgeois Parisians acquitted the Ukrainian-born Jewish immigrant and anarchist of the charge of murder for shooting to death former Ukrainian president Symon Petliura
2005 — (23rd of Tishrei, 5766) A suicide bomber who had been relased from an Israeli prison a month ago, struck in Hadera wounding 55 and killing five — Michael Koifman, 68, of Hadera; Perahiya Makhlouf, 53, of Hadera;; Sabiha Nissim, 66, of moshav Ahituv; Jamil Mohammed Ka’adan, 48, of Baqa al-Gharbiyye; Ya’akov Rahmani, 68, of Hadera; Genia Poleis, 66, of Hadera and Larissa Grishchenko, 39, of Hadera