October 25

History events
1268 — (4th of Cheshvan, 5028) Jucef ibn Astrug Ravaya, a Jew, was appointed bailiff of Besala. Jucef later became chief bailiff in Aragon and Valencia. Jucef and his brother were the chief administrators in the government of King Pedro III. Under Jucef’s administration, he and his brother were able to raise funds from within the Jewish community to finance an invasion of Sicily.
1541 — (4th of Cheshvan, 5302) The Jews of Algeria escaped capture by the Spanish Army which gave rise to Purim Edom
1882 — (12th of Cheshvan, 5691) In Vienna, along with Moses Schnirer, Ruben Bierer and Peretz Smolenskin, Nathan Birnbaum founded “Kadima” the Zionist student association whose future members would include Sigmund Freud, Isidor Schalit and Fritz Löhner-Beda
1930 — (3th of Cheshvan, 5028) Several thousand people gathered in Tel Aviv to protest the “British government’s new…policy on Palestine.” ….. The demonstration turned violent when the protestors marched passed the city’s main synagogue which was surrounded by a guard of mounted officers. Several of the people in the group who were identified as being Orthodox resorted to violence over what they considered was a desecration of the Sabbath by having the Jewish guards mounted on horses, a violation of halachah. At the same time a picture of Lord Passfield was ripped to shreds by the mob
1935 — (28th of Tishrei, 5028) A Zionist Committee in Locarno signed a contract with a steamship company that would provide transportation to Palestine during 1936 for 80,000 Jews who will be settling in Tel Aviv
1936 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5697) “Palestine Editor Predicts An Accord” published today described the belief of Gershon Agronksy, ….. the founder and editor of The Palestine Post of Jerusalem that “Arabs definitely hope for severe limitation of Jewish immigration and all it stands for” while “Jews hope that nothing will be done to restrict their settlement of country” and the British are looking “for a settlement which would make a repetition of the recent Arab outbreak impossible”
1941 — (4th of Cheshvan, 5702) Romanian soldiers massacred 26,000 Jews in Odessa
1941 — (4th of Cheshvan, 5702) In what is described as “The Birth of the Gas Chamber,” in Germany Dr. Viktor Brack rolled out the new plan for mass execution with «the installation of the necessary buildings and gas plants.» Eichmann approved of this method. Such a procedure would assure a systematic method of extinguishing the Jews and reduce incidents of public killings
1942 — (14th of Cheshvan, 5703) Male Jews in Norway are arrested and sent by sea to Szczecin, Poland, then by railcar to Auschwitz; In Oszmiana, Lithuania the Nazis demand that the community give up 400 of its 1000 Jews. The selection of the victims is assigned to the Jewish police in the nearby city of Vilna. Vilna Ghetto leader Jacob Gens decides to hand over Oszmiana’s elderly Jews in order to save the others
1943 — (26th of Tishrei, 5704) In Birkenau, 2,500 girls from Salonica, Greece, held in Block 25 were all gassed. They sang Hatikvah as they were marched to the death chambers; 1943: SS chief Heinrich Himmler orders the destruction of the collection of Jewish skulls and skeletons at the Reich Anatomical Institute at Strasbourg
1945 — (18th of Cheshvan, 5706) Jews are attacked in Sosnowiec, Poland
1948 — (22th of Tishrei, 5709) A new road to S’dom was opened during the Israeli War for Independence
1956 — (20th of Cheshvan, 57017) In preparation for the Sinai Campaign, the Israeli government begins to mobilize its reserves and orders a battalion of paratroops to be ready to go into action within four days
1973 — (29th of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. A second ceasefire went into effect marking the end of the Yom Kippur War; The Soviet withdrew its threat to send troops to support the Egyptians; After the official end of the Yom Kippur War, General Israel Tal, serving as commander of the southern front, received an order from Chief of Staff General David Elazar and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan to attack Egyptian forces. Tal refused to follow the order, insisting that it was an unethical order and requesting authorization for the requested attack from the prime minister and the Supreme Court. Such authorization never came. Tal won the argument, but his refusal to follow the illegal order as a practical matter eliminated the chances of his being nominated for the position of Chief of Staff to succeed General Elazar
1990 — (6th of Cheshvan, 5751) The XIV Dalai Lama and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi met during the historic Jewish-Buddhist dialogue in Dharamsala, India
1995 — (1th of Cheshvan, 5756) In Washington, Prime Minister Rabin ….. countered Arab slogans by declaring, “There are not ‘two Jerusalems.’ There is only one Jerusalem. For us, Jerusalem is not subject to compromise, and there is no peace without Jerusalem. Jerusalem, which was destroyed eight times, where for years we had no access to the remnants of our Temple, was ours, is ours and will be ours – forever.”
2023 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5784) The IDF is confronted with continued attacks by Hezbollah on the northern border and more attempts by terrorist to infiltrate Israel from the sea while according to one Israeli citizen “Tel Aviv, once a vibrant city pulsating with excitement and innovation, is now reduced to a haunting ghost town, its streets devoid of life, its air thick with tension.”

1327 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5088) Asher ben Jehiel (Rosh), died