October 24

History events
1934 — (15th of Cheshvan, 5695) According to official government figures published today, in the month of September 4,535 Jewish immigrants entered Palestine of which “459 families were listed in the capitalist category while 1,158 families came as workers
1937 — (19th of Cheshvan, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that two Arabs were killed and two others wounded by unknown persons, believed to be Jewish, in Haifa and Jerusalem
1941 — (3rd of Cheshvan, 5702) Sixteen thousand Odessa, Ukraine, Jews are force-marched out of the city toward Dalnik, where they are bound together in groups of 40 to 50 and shot, at first in the open and later through holes drilled in the walls of warehouses. Three of these structures are set ablaze and a fourth is exploded by artillery fire
1942 — (13th of Cheshvan, 5703) The Jews of Lichtenstein were deported.
1947 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5708) Members of the Haganah attacked forty members of the Irgun who were posting propaganda posters. Two members of the Haganah were wounded during the fight that took place fifteen miles south of Tel Aviv
1948 — (21th of Tishrei, 5709) War for independence. ….. Israeli forces belonging to the Givati Brigade captured Deir ad-Dubban in a northward push in Operation Yoav; Operation Ha-Har, a week-long successful “campaign to expand the Jerusalem Corridor as far as the western foothills of the Judean Mountains” came to an end today; The IDF launched Operation Hiram and captured the entire upper Galilee, driving the ALA, and Lebanese army back to Lebanon, and successfully ambushing and destroying an entire Syrian battalion
1956 — (19th of Cheshvan, 5717) As the Israelis, French and British worked on plans for what will become known as the Suez Campaign or the One Hundred Hours War, ….. the British negotiators made it clear to the Israelis that they must move towards the Canal so that the British and French would have an excuse to intervene. The Israelis primary point of interest was seizing Sharm el-Sheik which would open the Straits of Tiran. The Israelis said they would move to take the Mitla Pass in the central Sinai and the British conceded that this would suffice for their needed “fig leaf.”
1973 — (28th of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. A second cease-fire was put into effect, but fighting continued between Egypt and Israel as a result of which the Soviet Union threatened the United States that it will send troops to support the Egyptians. As the Yom Kippur War was coming to an end, Israeli troops were 65 miles from Cairo and 26 miles from Damascus. While the Arabs scored major victories early in the conflict, the Israelis turned things around and the aggressors were actually worse off from a military point of view at the end hostilities than they were when the shooting started. However, the military victory did little to heal the aching Israeli psyche or ease the sense of loss over those who fell in defense of the Jewish homeland. The IDF death toll stood at 2,522. These losses were over three times the number suffered during the Six Day War. Furthermore, as Yigal Yadin pointed out, this was the first war in which fathers and sons went into action at the same time. It was also the first time where the IDF casualty list included fathers and sons. The war proved once again that the Arabs nations could fight and lose, time after time and still exist. For Israelis, the wars were beginning to seem interminable and there was no margin for error. All they had to do was lose once and the state would cease to exist. The Yom Kippur War showed just how dependent Israel was on the United States for its military and economic wellbeing. The war further heightened Israel’s sense of isolation as Third World countries caved into the Arab Petro-Power and broke off diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. Strangely enough, the Egyptian ability to cross the Suez Canal would provide Sadat with a sense that he had redeemed his country’s national honor and provide him with the impetus to negotiate the Camp David Peace Accords. At the same time, the sense of malaise that would grip Israel as a result of the Yom Kippur War would provide some of the momentum that would end the Labor-Zionist control of the Israeli government and bring Begin and his Right Wing nationalist forces to power
2003 — (28th of Tirshrei, 5764) Three Israelis were killed and two wounded early this morning when at least one Palestinian gunman entered a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip and opened fire
2012 — (8th of Cheshvan, 5773) More than 60 rockets and mortar shells fired from Gaza have hit southern Israel in the last 24 hours, striking several homes and injuring three
2016 — (22th of Tishrei, 5777) Palestinian officials announced a year-long campaign to commemorate 100 years since the “crime” of the Balfour Declaration
2023 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5784) Hezbollah continues to threaten Israel’s northern border as can be seen by yesterday’s drone attacks, ….. tent cities are going up in Ramat Gan and Eliat to accommodate the growing number of evacuees which is now thought to number 200,000, the state educational system is grappling with an unprecedented and quick-changing situation, including tens of thousands of displaced students, massive staff shortages and inadequate access to bomb shelters

1935 — (27th of Tishrei, 5769) Abraham «Abe» Landau, a henchman of gangster Dutch Schultz succumbed to his wounds today
1937 — (19th of Cheshvan, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that Avinoam Yellin, Senior Jewish Education Officer succumbed to his wounds inflicted by an Arab terrorist
1966 — (10th of Cheshvan, 5727) In the old Soviet Union, Arkady (Aron) Abramovich, a state office manager, and his wife gave birth to оligarch, Roman Abramovich
1973 — (28th of Tishrei, 5734) Colonel Giora «Hawkeye» Epstein downed three more MiG-21s west of the Great Bitter Lake
1993 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5754) Two IDF soldiers, Staff Sgt. (res.) Ehud Rot, age 35, and Sgt. Ilan Levi, age 23, were killed by a Hamas Iz a-Din al Kassam terrorist squad