October 20

History events
-1409 — (10th of Cheshvan, 2351) This is the traditional date of the death of Gad, son of Jacob, one of the Twelve Tribes (born 2196)
1314 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5075) In an agreement signed today by Rabbenu Asher and his sons “Judah ben Asher and his brother Jacob were appointed trustees” of a trust that would distribute funds to the poor.”
1905 — (21th of Tishrei, 5666) A two day pogrom at Rostov came to an end leaving more than 150 Jews murdered, 500 more wounded and great damage done to the “Jewish shops, stores, warehouses and mills” despite the efforts of “a small self-defense detachment organized by the Po’le Zion
1914 — (30th of Tishrei, 5675) The first remittance from the American Jewish Relief Committee consisting of five thousand dollars for the Jews of Palestine and five thousand dollars for the Jews of Galicia was sent abroad today
1918 — (14th of Cheshvan, 5679) The founding conference of Yevsektsiya took place today. ….. Yevsektsiya was the Jewish section of the Soviet Communist party and was established to popularize Marxism and encourage loyalty to the Soviet regime among Russian Jews. “For most of its existence, the Yevsektsya was headed by Semyon Dimanstein. Yevsektsiya was entirely subordinate to leadership of the Soviet Communist party. Yevsektsiya members were people of Jewish origin, but they were hostile to traditional Jewish culture and instead sought to assimilate Jews into the new Soviet society, often by repressive measures
1930 — (28th of Tishrei, 5681) Lord Passfield issued his «White Paper» banning further land acquisition by Jews and slowing Jewish immigration.
1937 — (15th of Cheshvan, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that a loud explosion which shook the American Colony was found to be due to a bomb thrown at a Jewish shop at the Simon the Just Quarter, just off the Nablus Road in Jerusalem. Shots were also fired at Jewish buses and an Armenian photographer was hit
1942 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5703) Нolocaust. Twelve thousand Jews are murdered at Bar in the Transnistria region of the Ukraine
1948 — (17th of Tishrei, 5709) War for independence. ….. In a low-level bombing attack on the strategic Egyptian-held fortress of Iraq-El-Suweidan, one of the recently acquired Bristol Beaufighter Bombers was shot down, killing Len Fitchett, Dov Sugarman, and Stanley Andrews; A smaller force from the Fifth Battalion broke-away and travelled with a battle corps of the 10th Armored Brigade on the Bayt Jibrin highway and captured Beit Jimal; The internal Negev road from Julis to Bror Hayil through Kawkaba and Huleiqat was taken today by Givati’s 52nd and 54th battalions. Upon taking Huleiqat, the Israelis discovered a mass grave where the Egyptians buried Israeli casualties of the failed July Negev Brigade attack
1973 — (24th of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. Starting at sunrise today, the Israeli Air Force launched aerial attacks for the duration of the day, targeting Ismailia, the nearby al-Galaa’ army base, and Jebel Mariam; Israeli forces came within 10 miles of Damascus; The Israelis shot down Syrian aircraft on its way to bomb the oil refineries at Haifa. The IDF force on the west bank of the Suez Canal continued to widen its area of activity. The Israelis were actually taking control of some of the roads between Cairo and the Canal – between the Egyptian capital and the attacking Egyptian armies
2012 — (4th of Cheshvan, 5733) The Israeli Navy today surrounded a ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists intent on breaching Gaza’s blockade as it approached the coastal strip. IDF soldiers boarded the vessel without employing the use of force and rerouted it to the port of Ashdod, where it arrived just after 8 p.m. local time
2023 — (5th of Cheshvan, 5784) Iron Swords. ….. Begins in Israel, air raid sirens have sounded across central Israel, including Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Holon, after a barrage of rockets is fired from Gaza, rockets continued to be fired from Lebanon and nearly two weeks after Hamas’s attack southern Israel, some 100 to 200 people remain unaccounted for, with bodies still being found while the IDF has said over 200 people are being held as hostage

1963 — (2th of Cheshvan, 5724) In Moscow, Rudolf Naumovich Solovyov, and Inna Solomonovna Shapiro gave birth to Russian electronic journalist Vladimir Rudol’fovich Solovyov who “was awarded the TEFI Russian television prize as the best interviewer
1973 — (24th of Tishrei, 5734) Yom Kippur War. When their F-4E Phantom Jet was hit by an Egyptian SAM, Aharon Sagi and Moshe Barton were recovered by the IDF after safely ejecting from their aircraft; David Zeit and Yoram Rubenstein were taken prisoner after their F-4E Phantom Jet was hit by an Egyptian SAM