October 2

History events
-825 — (22nd of Tishrei, 2936) According to traditionKing Solomon bid farewell to the Jewish people who had come to Jerusalem for a 14-day ceremony dedicating the Holy Temple (1-Kings 8:66). ….. King David had brought the Ark of the Covenant up to Jerusalem’s Mount Moriah, but as a warrior he was not permitted by God to erect the Temple. However, his son Solomon did so. The Temple was the most important site in Israel a spiritual magnet for the Jewish nation’s yearnings. The magnificent structure took seven years to build, and stood for 410 years
1596 — (20nd of Tishrei, 5356) For the first time in the history of Amsterdam, sixteen “met together for worship” at the house of Don Samuel Palache, ambassador of the emperor of Morocco to the Netherlands.”
1656 — (24nd of Tishrei, 5417) Thousands of Jews killed at Lublin by Cossacks
1938 — (7th of Tishrei, 5699) Twenty one Jews including three women and ten children, ranging in age from 1 to 12 years were killed and three others were wounded” tonight on the shores of Lake Galilee in the old Jewish quarter of Tiberias in a massacre by stabbing shooting and burning perpetrated by Arabs.
1939 — (19th of Tishrei, 5700) Нolocaust. Effective today, Jewish men in Slovakia are conscripted for labor service
1941 — (11th of Tishrei, 5702) Нolocaust. In Zhager, a small town on the Lithuanian-Latvian border, over 3000 Jewish men, women and children were massacred by members of the Lithuanian militia; A Nazi raid on the Jewish ghetto at Vilna, Lithuania, leaves 3000 dead at nearby Ponary
1943 — (3th of Tishrei, 5704) The first Jewish paratroopers from Palestine landed in the Balkans….. Many of them had been chosen because they were born in the region and spoke the languages of the land like natives. These Jews agreed to help organize non-Jewish underground units on behalf of the British war effort. The British agreed to let them aid other Jews once they had completed their primary mission
1943 — (3th of Tishrei, 5704) Нolocaust. ….. The Danish people rescue about 7000 Jews, only 500 of whom are captured by the Germans. The 500 seized by the Germans are sent to the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto; all but 77 will survive the war. The Danish government will persistently check on the health and welfare of the Jews who were sent to Theresienstadt, enabling almost all of them to survive to war’s end
1945 — (25th of Tishrei, 5706) Several thousand troops of the British Sixth Airborne Division disembarked at Haifa today. For all intents and purposes, this elite military unit had been sent to Palestine to put an end to “illegal Jewish immigration.”
1946 — (7th of Tishrei, 5707) Hundreds of heavily armed British soldiers and police raided as fashionable Tel Aviv café today and seized fifty Jews, thirty of whom were immediately sent to the Rafa detention camp on the Egyptian frontier. The raid at the Ginati Café was aimed at capture leaders of the Irgun
1947 — (18th of Tishrei, 5708) The Geula, which had been a U.S Coast Guard Cutter and had taken on “passengers at Burgas Bulgaria arrived in Haifa today after having been intercepted by the British Blockade and her 2,644 ‘illegals” were shipped to the camps at Cyprus
1952 — (13th of Tishrei, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that ….. Israel had purchased 27 Mustang fighters from the Swedish Air Force; that the overwhelming majority of the 34,000 immigrants who arrived in Israel from October 1951 to the end of September 1952 were members of Oriental communities. There were 9,800 immigrants from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, 3,800 from Libya, 1,350 from Egypt, 5,800 from Iran, 1,000 from Iraq, 650 from Turkey, 6,800 from Romania, 650 from Bulgaria, 160 from Poland, 170 from the US and the rest from other countries

1813 — (8th of Tishrei, 5574) Birthdate of Rabbi Ephraim Israel Blucher, the native of Moravia who was “the author of Healing of the Aramaic Tongue, a Hebrew grammar and whose German translation of the Book of Ruth was published at Lemberg in 1843
1882 — (19th of Tishrei, 5643) French philanthropist Charles Netter passed away at Jaffa. ….. Born at Strasburg in 1828, he” studied at Strasburg and Belfort, and then engaged in business in Paris. He was one of the founders of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, and for a long time his house was its only home. The work with which his name is most closely connected is the foundation of the agricultural school at Jaffa; and he devoted several years of his life to promoting agriculture among the Jews of Palestine
1973 — (6th of Tishrei, 5734) Senior military officials ignore the warnings of Lieutenant Binyamin Siman-Tov that Egyptians are in fact preparing to launch a military action that will take them across the Suez Canal