November 18

History events
1489 — (24th of Kislev, 5250) Joseph Günzenhäuser, Yom-Tov ben Perez and Solomon ben Perez ….. published “Hobot ha-Lebabot” (Duties of the Heart) by Bayha ibn Pakuda in Italy. Bahya ben Joseph ibn Paquda was a Jewish philosopher and rabbi who lived at Zaragoza, Spain, in the first half of the eleventh century. The same trio had printed “Eben Bohan” by Kalonymus ben Meir ben Kalonymus in August of 1489. Kalonymus was an author and translator who lived in Provence “Eben Bohan” (The Touchstone) was a seminal work on morality for the Jews living in southern France
1663 — (28th of Cheshvan, 5424) The Ascamoth (regulations and ordinances) the Sephardi Congregation of London were compiled today
1759 — (28th of Cheshvan, 5520) Following a mass baptism of Sabbatians at Lvov, ….. today Jacob Frank and his wife were baptized “under the patronage of the King of Poland” in the cathedral at Warsaw following which the Catholic Church rejected “the request of the Frankists that they be allowed to continue to live separately from other Christians and that they be permitted to wear Jewish clothing, to keep their sidelocks, avoid pork, to rest on Saturday as well as Sunday to retain use of the Zohar and other works of the Kabbalah
1760 — (10th of Kislev, 5521) First meeting of English Jewish Board of Deputies
1840 — (22th of Cheshvan, 5601) «Lehrerseminar» founded at Berlin
1939 — (6th of Kislev, 5700) Нolocaust ….. In Lodz, German-occupied Poland today, the German administrator issued a decree stating that “any Jew leaving his home without a special permit between 5 P.M. and 8 A.M. may be punished by death” and also made punishable by death the failure of any Jew, irrespective of age or sex to wear a yellow armband. In case of extenuating circumstance, a money fine of unlimited sixe or imprisonment or both may be adjudged.
1943 — (20th of Cheshvan, 5704) Нolocaust. ….. In an attempt to hide the Holocaust from the westward moving Soviet Army, 300 Jews at Borki were told that they were to dig up the trenches of 30,000 dead humans in Borki and then burn them all. One thousand bodies were placed on each pyre. The bones were ground to dust and taken away. The graves were emptied, disinfected, filled with earth and grass was planted over them; During the Holocaust, as part of Aktion Emtefest, the Nazis liquidate Janowska concentration camp in Lviv, western Ukraine, murdering at least 6.000 surviving Jews. The German SS leader Fritz Katzman declares Lviv (Lemberg) to be Judenfrei (free from the Jews)
1958 — (6th of Kislev, 5719) Jerusalem’s new reservoir was opened ending a long history of water problems that made Jerusalem more vulnerable to siege.
1959 — (17th of Cheshvan, 5720) Opening of the Sephardic Bibliographical Exhibition in Madrid, Spain. ….. The Exhibition was in conjunction with the World Sephardi Federation, Arias Montano Institute, the faculty of Philosophy of the Madrid University as well as the Royal Academy of Spanish Language. The Exhibition demonstrated rare Sephardic documents, books, maps and material showing the life of Jews in Spain up to 1492

1804 — (15th of Kislev, 5565) First observance Purim of Abraham Danzig which is also called Pulverpurim or Powder Purim. ….. Memorial Day established for himself and his family by Abraham Danzig, to be annually observed by fasting on the 15th of Kislew and by feasting on the evening of the same day in commemoration of the explosion of a powder-magazine at Wilna in 1804. By this accident thirty-one lives were lost and many houses destroyed, among them the home of Abraham Danzig, whose family and Abraham himself were all severely wounded, but escaped death Danzig decreed that on the evening following the 15th of Kislew a meal should be prepared by his family to which Talmudic scholars were to be invited, and alms should be given to the poor. During the feast certain psalms were to be read, and hymns were to be sung to the Almighty for the miraculous escape from death
1944 — (2nd of Kislev, 5705) Thirty nine year old Enzo Serini, Havivah Reik, Raffi Reiss and Zvi Ben Ya’acov who were all Jews from Palestine who had parachuted behind German lines were murdered today at Dachau
1962 — (21th of Cheshvan, 5723) Niels Henrik David Bohr passed away
2000 — (3rd of Kislev, 5762) St.-Sgt. Baruch (Snir) Flum, 21, of Tel-Aviv was shot and killed by a senior Palestinian Preventive Security Service officer who infiltrated the Kfar Darom greenhouses in the Gaza Strip
2002 — (13th of Kislev, 5763) Esther Galia, 48, of Kochav Hashahar, was killed in a shooting attack near Rimonim, on the Allon Road, some 15 kilometers northeast of Ramallah
2003 — (23rd of Cheshvan, 5764) Two IDF soldiers, Sgt.-Maj. Shlomi Belsky, 23, of Haifa, and St.-Sgt. Shaul Lahav, 20, of Kibbutz Shomrat, were killed by a Palestinian terrorist who opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle, hidden in a prayer rug, at a checkpoint on the tunnel bypass road, linking Jerusalem and the Gush Etzion bloc. The Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack