November 17

History events
1278 — (30th of Cheshvan, 5039) Edward I of England arrested all the Jews for alleged coin clipping and counterfeiting. ….. 680 were arrested, jailed and put on trial. The judges were given prior instructions clearly biased against the Jews. Although many Christians were accused, many more (ten times as many) Jews were hanged than Christians (269 Jews and 29 Christians). Edward received 16,500 pounds from the property of the executed Jews and the fines of those charged. At that time Jews comprised 1% of the English population. 16,500 pounds was almost 10% of the exchequer’s national income
1941 — (27th of Cheshvan, 5702) Eight Jews executed for going outside the Warsaw ghetto without permission. Six were women
1942 — (8th of Kislev, 5703) The headline in today’s edition of Haaretz announced that «The Eretz-Israeli residents that have been exchanged have arrived from the Reich.» ….. According to the Jewish daily, “There’s been much commotion at the Afula station in preparation for the arrival of 114 women and children, relatives of Eretz-Israeli and British residents, who’ve come from Germany. They were exchanged for German women and children from Eretz Israel, who were allowed to travel to Germany»
1946 — (23th of Cheshvan, 5707) As part of growing wave of terror caused by Britain failing to honor its war time promise to allow Jewish immigration to Eretz Israel and increasing repressive measure aimed at the Jews of the Yishuv, four British policemen were killed when their truck was blown up outside Tel Aviv
1949 — (25th of Cheshvan, 5710) The first of the military’s dead – the remains of those who fought in Latrun, in Kfar Etzion and the Convoy of 35, along with those buried in Sheikh Bader – some 300 people in all – were buried in a communal grave in the military cemetery on Mt. Herzl
1977 — (7th of Kislev, 5738) Egyptian President Sadat formally accepts invitation to visit Israel. This is the start of a historic process that will result in the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel
2012 — (3th of Kislev, 5773) The Iron Dome intercepted two Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv today.

1720 — (27th of Cheshvan, 5481) Rabbi Jehiel Michel Teimer, author of Seder Gittin passed away today
1864 — (18th of Cheshvan, 5625) Simḥah Pinsker, Hebrew author, died
1969 — (7th of Kislev, 5730) An F-4E Phantom Jet manned by Ehud Hankin and Shaul Levi fell victim to Jordanian anti-aircraft fire
2002 — (12th of Kislev, 5763) Abba Eban passed away