November 14

History events
-109 — (25 Cheshvan, 3652) John Hyrcanus defeated the Samaritans in Samaria and destroyed their temple. ….. The Samaritans were a mixed race who had been in conflict with the Jews since the end of the Babylonian Exile. They believed in a form of monotheism but rejected all oral law. They believed that Mt. Gerizim, near Nablus, was their place of sacrifice. John Hyrcanus was a nephew of Judah Maccabee. He was the third son of Simon, the last of the original Maccabee brothers. John Hyrcanus ruled from -134  through -104. He felt that it was his mission to restore the territory of the original Davidic Kingdom to Jewish control. The victory over the Samaritans was part of this grand plan of conquest
1491 — (12 Kislev, 5252) Six conversos and two Jews were burned at the stake in town Aivila at the end of an inquisition trial that revolved a blood libel that created the Holy Child of La Guardia
1935 — (18 Cheshvan, 5696) Birthdate of King Hussein of Jordan. ….. The Jordanian monarch presented a mixed bag when it came to relations with Israel. In 1967, despite pleas from the Israelis, Hussein joined Syria and Egypt in waging war against Israel. It was his fortunate choice of action that resulted in Israel ending up with all of Jerusalem and the West Bank. At the same time, Hussein personally and publicly apologized for terrorist attacks against Israelis in 1997. Finally, in 1994, with cancer consuming his body, the King signed a peace agreement with Yitzchak Rabin. As he said, he finally completed the work begun by his grandfather, King Abdullah
1939 — (2 Kislev, 5700) Five hundred Jewish refugees, mostly from Poland and the first to arrive since the war started, landed near Tel Aviv today and were taken into custody by British officials who said their entry was illegal.
1941 — (24 Cheshvan, 5702) Nine thousand Jews from Slonim, Belorussia, are murdered at Czepielow
1956 — (10 Kislev, 5717) The Knesset agreed to an Israeli withdrawal from all territory captured in the Sinai campaign, ….. provided that the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) could be used to keep Egypt from closing the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping and stop Gaza from serving as a base for terrorists attacking Israel. Eleven years later, it would be the unilateral withdrawal of UNEF from the Sinai and the blockade of the Straits that would lead to the famous Six Days War in June of 1967
2012 — (29 Cheshvan, 5773) In response to the incessant rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip — more than 800 have struck Israel since the beginning of the year, and more than 120 since Saturday — the IDF has launched a widespread campaign against terror targets in Gaza. The operation, called Pillar of Defense, has two main goals: to protect Israeli civilians and to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza
2013 — (11 Kislev, 5774) The IAF blasted “two concealed missile launchers in northern Gaza in response to a barrage of rockets and mortars fired by terrorists

1900 — (22 Cheshvan, 5661) Leopold Hilsner was found guilty of the ritual murder of Agnes Hruza of Polna Bohemia
1924 — (17 Cheshvan, 5685) Birthdate of famed Russian violinist Leonid Kogan