November 13

History events
1757 — (1th of Kislev, 5518) Talmud burned at Kamenetz-Podolsk by the Frankists
1892 — (23th of Cheshvan, 5653) Founding of the Perth Hebrew Congregation “the oldest of three synagogues serving the Jewish community of Perth, Australia”
1915 — (6th of Kislev, 5676) The glories of great master craftsmen of the Hebrews are revived in the exhibition of the Bezalel School, Jerusalem, which has opened at 233 Fifth Avenue, near Twenty-seventh Street
1942 — (4th of Kislev, 5703) The members of a Kibbutz originally called Sha’ar HaNegev moved to the Finger of the Galilee, where they established a new kibbutz called Kfar Szold
1945 — (8th of Kislev, 5706) Foreign Minister Bevin refuses the entry of 100,000 Jews into Palestine and declares a quota of 1,500 immigrants a month, subject to Arab acquiescence
1946 — (19th of Cheshvan, 5707) ТAs part of growing wave of terror caused by Britain’s failure to honor its war time promise to allow Jewish immigration to Eretz Israel and increasing repressive measure aimed at the Jews of the Yishuv, two British policemen were killed while patrolling the Jerusalem-Jaffa rail line
1948 — (11th of Cheshvan, 5709) ТUN Security Council listens to plan by UN mediator Ralph Bunche. ….. Israel would withdraw to October 14 lines. Egypt would stay where it had retreated in Negev fighting. A large part of Negev would be demilitarized pending UN negotiations for peace. Israel rejects part of plan in which Beersheba would be under Arab administration. Plan is endorsed by Council’s special committee on Negev and Bunche orders Egypt and Israel to carry out plan
1956 — (9th of Kislev, 5717) The first Israeli train arrived in Gaza, after Israeli troops drove out the occupying Egyptian army and cleaned out the terrorist bases. Israeli troops would leave Gaza in 1957 under pressure from the U.N. and the Eisenhower Administration
1975 — (9th of Kislev, 5736) In Jerusalem an explosive charge went off near cafe Naveh, on Jaffa Road near the pedestrian mall. Seven people were killed and 45 injured

1834 — (11th of Cheshvan, 5595) Benjamin Peixotto, American diplomat, born
1856 — (15th of Cheshvan, 5617) Birthdate of Louis Brandeis. He was an ally and confidant of President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson appointed Brandeis to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1916. This was a milestone in American history and Jewish history. Brandeis was the first Jew named to the high court
1919 — (20th of Cheshvan, 5680) Birthdate of Józef Władysław Walaszczyk a Polish leatherworker and businessman who was declared Righteous Among the Nations in 2002 for sheltering Jews during the Holocaust and has been described as a «second Schindler» or «Polish Schindler»
2000 — (15th of Cheshvan, 5761) Тerror. ….. Gabi Zaghouri, 36, of Netivot was killed by gunfire directed at the truck he was driving near the Kissufim junction in the southern part of the Gaza Strip; Sarah Leisha, 42, of Neveh Tzuf was killed by gunfire from a passing car while travelling near Ofra, north of Ramallah; Cpl. Elad Wallenstein, 18, of Ashkelon, and Cpl. Amit Zanna, 19, of Netanya were killed by gunfire from a car passing the military bus carrying them near Ofra