November 11

History events
-603 — (7th of Cheshvan, 3159) King Jehoiakim burned the scroll which had been dictated by the prophet Jeremiah to Barcuh ben Heriah.
-518 — (15th of Cheshvan, 3244) A delegation of Babylonian Jews arrived in Jerusalem to inquire from the prophet Zechariah whether the fast of Av should be discontinued (Zechariah 7:1)
1860 — (26th of Cheshvan, 5621) First Jewish wedding takes place in Buenos Aires Argentina
1938 — (17th of Cheshvan, 5699) Нolocaust. ….. Jews are killed and injured during an anti-Semitic pogrom at Bratislava, Slovakia; The Italian council of ministers announces a series of new anti-Semitic laws: all Jews will get a special notation in their civil records, they are excluded from the military, they are not allowed to employ «Aryan» servants, marriages between Jews and «Aryans» are forbidden, any such marriages that currently exist are annulled, and Jews are forbidden from owning large tracts of land
1939 — (29th of Cheshvan, 5700) Нolocaust. Six hundred Jews are murdered by German troops at Ostrow Mazowiecki, Poland
1942 — (2th of Kislev, 5703) Нolocaust. Seven hundred forty-five French Jews were shipped to Auschwitz
1943 — (13th of Cheshvan, 5704) Нolocaust. ….. On the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice in the forest of Compiegne, German officials take revenge by assembling all 47,000 Jews not yet deported from Theresienstadt ghetto to Birkenau in a large square for an ill-organized “census.” At 4:00 AM the torture began by rousing them all and making them stand in the cold in the city square. As night fell, the Jews stood in a drizzle made more miserable by falling temperatures. The Germans held them until 10 pm at which time the survivors were allowed to seek shelter inside. Drizzle came, the dark of night, and the temperatures lowered
1973 — (16th of Cheshvan, 5734) Yom Kippur War. ….. The Egyptians and Israelis began negations for the disengagement of forces along the Suez Canal. When the fighting had stopped, Israeli forces were on the West Bank of the Suez Canal. They had reached kilometer 101 on the Suez-Cairo Road. The Israelis offered to cross the Canal and to a position 10 kilometers to the east. Egypt wanted a much deeper withdrawal with Israeli forces taking up positions on a line east of the passes in the Sinai that were key to controlling the entire Peninsula
1982 — (25th of Cheshvan, 5743) A gas explosion at an Israeli army headquarters results in 60 deaths

1711 — (29th of Cheshvan) Rabbi Moses Hefez (Gentili) author of Melekhet Mahashevet, passed away
1897 — (16th of Cheshvan, 5658) Sabbato Morais, American Orthodox rabbi, died
1910 — (9th of Cheshvan, 5671) Birthdate of Israel Scheib who gained fame as Israel Elad, leader of Lehi