May 8

History events
1147 — (7th of Sivan, 4907) Encouraged by Peter the Hermit, a mob attacked the Jews on the second day of Shavuot in Ramerupt, France. Rabbenu Tam was one of its victims. After being stabbed five times (to match the five wounds of Jesus) he was saved by a passing knight. His house was ransacked, and a Torah scroll was destroyed
1435 — (9th of Iyar, 5195) The Jews were expelled “forever” from Speyer by decree that said, “The council is compelled to banish the Jews; but it has no designs upon their lives or their property: it only revokes their rights of citizenship and of settlement. Until November 11 they are at liberty to go whither they please with all their property, and in the meantime they may make final disposition of their business affairs
1492 — (11th of Iyar, 5252) The first printed edition of Mishnayot with commentary by Maimonides was published in Naples
1881 — (9th of Iyar, 5641) Anti-Jewish riots in different parts of Russia, especially in Kiev
1950 — (21th of Iyar, 5710) An announcement was made today at Geneva that “Israel has accepted the proposal of the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine to proceed with direct negotiations with the Arab states while the commission acts as mediator for the settlement of all outstanding issues.” However, this announcement by Israel may not immediately lead to negotiations since the Arabs have pre-conditioned their participation on the demand that Jewish state must recognize the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel.
1953 — (23th of Iyar, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that, Syria had appealed to all Arab States to tighten the economic blockade of Israel as «the best way to kill Israel peacefully.»
1960 — (11th of Iyar, 5720) While exploring caves in the Judean desert an archaeological expedition led Yigael Yadin discovers fourteen letters written by Simon Bar-Kokhba, leader of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 132 — 135 CE. One letter is written on wood and the rest are written on papyrus. Bar Kokhba is called Shimon Ben Kossiba in the letters.
1972 — (24th of Iyar, 5732) Four Palestinian terrorists from Black September boarded Sabena Flight 571 from Vienna to Tel Aviv. Twenty minutes after taking off from a scheduled stop, the hijackers took control of the flight and instructed the captain to continue as planned to Israel’s Lod Airport (now Ben Gurion International Airport). Less than 24 hours later, Israeli commandos, among them today’s most prominent Israeli leaders launched a daring operation to rescue the flight’s passengers and retake the plane.
2002 — (26th of Iyar, 5762) A Palestinian terrorist detonated a suitcase packed with explosives in a crowded gambling and billiards club near Tel Aviv, killing at least 15 people and wounding 58.

1981 — (4th of Iyar, 5741) Eighty-three year old Uri Zvi Greenberg, a Hebrew and Yiddish poet, fighter for the independence of Israel and a member of the Knesset passed away today