May 29

History events
1096 — (5rd of Sivan, 4856) The Jews of Bacharach, Germany, were massacred by the Crusaders
1554 — (28rd of Sivan, 5314) Pope Paul IV issued a bull ordering Jews to surrender all books containing alleged anti-Christian blasphemies. The sweeping terms of the bull covered all rabbinic work relating to the Talmud. In effect, Paul IV nullified a bull issued by Pope X in 1518 which permitted the publication of codes of Jewish law upon the approval of church censors
1872 — (21th of Iyar, 5632) The inauguration services of the new Mount Sinai Hospital building were held this afternoon
1938 — (28th of Iyar, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that the Tel Aviv Port celebrated its second anniversary by a swimming meet and a sailing review
1942 — (13rd of Sivan, 5702) Vichy France forbids Jews access to all restaurants and cafes, libraries, sports grounds, squares, and other public places.
1948 — (20th of Iyar, 5708) As a result of Jewish forces capturing Acre, Nahariya was reunited with the rest of the Jewish State. Under the terms of the partition, Nahariya had been excluded from what would become the nation of Israel
1948 — (20th of Iyar, 5708) Israeli settlers established Shomrat, a new Kibbutz just north of Acre
1948 — (20th of Iyar, 5708) During the War of Independence, the Israeli Air Force went into action as a combat force for the first time. ….. The force was made up of four Messerschmitts (ME-109’s). The planes had been bought in Czechoslovakia and shipped to Israel by sea. There was no time test the hastily assembled aircraft before sending them into combat. The Israelis did allow themselves the luxury of painting the Star of David on the planes before they took flight. The four planes were sent to attack the Egyptian armored column at Ashdod, which was only twenty miles from Tel Aviv. One of the four planes was flown by Ezer Weizman, the father of the Israeli Air Force and later President of Israel. Following a series of bombing and strafing runs, the Egyptian forces broke off their advance. But as with all “successes” the Israelis paid a heavy price. One of the four planes was shot down reducing the Air Force by 25%. Eddie Cohen, a volunteer from South Africa was the first combat pilot to give his life defending the Jewish state. In one of the minor ironies, the ME-109, the first combat aircraft of the Israeli Air Force, had been the pride of the German Air Force during World War II. The other two pilots were Lou Lenart and Mordechai “Modi” Alon
1948 — (20th of Iyar, 5708) The British halted Jewish immigration from the DP camps on Cyprus to Israel. Under the terms of the UN cease fire agreement then being negotiated, no person of military age was to be allowed to immigrate to Palestine
1948 — (20th of Iyar, 5708) Lehi, the Irgun and the Palmach were dissolved with most of these groups members joining the IDF
1953 — (15rd of Sivan, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that two Israeli soldiers were wounded in another confrontation with Jordanians in the Hebron area. A large number of month-old locusts were destroyed in the Negev. The hoppers came from the Sinai Desert where they laid their eggs
1957 — (28th of Iyar, 5717) A tractor driver was killed, and two others wounded, when the vehicle struck a landmine, next to kibbutz Kissufim
1964 — (18rd of Sivan, 5724) A meeting of The Arab League in east Jerusalem to discuss the Palestinian situation leads to the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization
1972 — (16rd of Sivan, 5732) Morag, the southernmost settlement in Gush Katif was established” today “as a non-religious pioneer Nahal military outpost, and demilitarized when turned over to residential purposes in 1982
2014 — (29th of Iyar, 5774) The cornerstone for a new Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue, which would replace the centuries old structure that had been deliberately destroyed by Arab armies in 1948, was laid today

1647 — (24th of Iyar, 5407) Poet and translator Moses Belmonte, the eighth child of Jacob Belmont, who works included a Spanish translation of the “Song of Songs” passed away today in Amsterdam
1686 — (16rd of Sivan, 5446) Jews of New Amsterdam were allowed to openly practice their religion
1826 — (22nd of Iyar): Rabbi Judah Leib, author of “Likkutei Maharil” passed away
1861 — (20rd of Sivan, 5621) Lelewel, Polish geographer and friend of Jews, died
1950 — (13rd of Sivan, 5710) Jacob Rosenheim, president and founder of Agudath Israel World Organization arrived in Israel today so that he can take up residence in Tel Aviv. Many of the activities of the organization which has 200,000 followers are now being directed from Israel