March 6

History events
-19 — (12th of Shevat, 3741) The Temple “built” by King Herod was dedicated
1239 — (28th of Adar, 4999) With the Edict of Valencia, Spanish King James I validated privileges of the Jews of Aragon. The Jewish courts (Bet din) were authorized to try all cases except capital offenses
1328 — (24th of Adar, 5088) Massacre of Jews at Navarre
1766 — (25th of Adar, 5526) “The Sefardim congregation of London passed a resolution that a Sefardi marrying an Ashkenazi has forfeited his claim on congressional charities
1781 — (9th of Adar, 5541) James Wright, the British Colonial Governor ordered the Jews of the Georgia to leave; accusing them of disloyalty to his majesty by supporting the revolution. The order was never carried out
1816 — (6th of Adar, 5576) The Jews were expelled from the Free City of Lubeck, Germany at the instance of the local guilds. This was part of the reactionary backlash that followed the defeat of Napoleon a year earlier. Many of these Jews finally found refuge in the German of city of Moisling. After “a period of adjustment” where the citizens of Moisling determined how many Jews would live in their city and under what conditions, the government provided a house for a rabbi and constructed a building that the Jews were allowed to use as a synagogue if they paid “a moderate annual rent.”
1897 — (2th of Adar-1, 5657) A two-day conference begins in Vienna with members of the Zionist circles of Vienna, Berlin, Breslau and Galicia. Herzl’s proposal of a general Zionist Congress is adopted with the reservation that the cooperation of the Russian Zionists will be obtained. München is chosen as the city for the congress.
1940 — (26th of Adar-1, 5700) “Three leaders of the Jewish Labor party were sentenced to three months in prison today on charges of organizing recent demonstrations against the British government that took place in Tel Aviv
1949 — (5th of Adar, 5709) On the second day of Operation Uvda “the Negev Brigade travelled to Sde Avraham and began to clear land for an airfield there” and that night the “7th Brigade reinforcements from the Gahal platoon arrived by air in the newly cleared airfield” carrying “supplies and fuel vital to continue the operation.”
1957 — (3th of Adar, 5717) Israel withdrew its troops from the Sinai Peninsula. The withdrawal followed the October, 1956 war with Egypt
1969 — (16th of Adar, 5729) Twenty-nine people, most of whom were students were injured when a terrorist detonated a bomb in the cafeteria at Hebrew University in Jerusalem; One person was injured when a terrorist exploded a grenade at a bank in Al Bireh
1975 — (21st of Adar, 5735) Eleven people were killed and twelve more were injured during a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv
2008 — (29th of Adar-1, 5768) Eight people were killed and nine others were wounded this evening when a terrorist infiltrated a Jerusalem yeshiva and opened fire
2013 — (24th of Adar, 5773) “Agriculture Ministry workers armed with pesticides went into action at first light today morning, distributing both aerial and ground sprays in the area where millions of locusts descended upon southern Israel from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula the day before.”
2014 — (4th of Adar-1, 5774) Today’s decision “in Crimea’s parliament to hold a referendum on March 16 asking whether the semi-autonomous region should become part of Russia took some members of the peninsula’s 17,000-strong Jewish community by surprise.” (an absolute lie)
2016 — (26th of Adar-1, 5776) “A Torah scroll from the synagogue in the northern Italian town of Biella has been identified as probably the oldest in the world still owned and used by a Jewish community” is scheduled to “returned to the Biella synagogue at a ceremony” today

1940 — (26th of Adar-1, 5700) Vladimir Jabotinsky, president of the New Zionist Organization of the World lectures on «The Fate of, Jewry» at Manhattan Center
1951 — (28th of Adar-1, 5711) Ethel and Julius Rosenberg go on trial charged with espionage for providing secret information concerning the Atomic Bomb to the Soviet Union. In this case the defendants, the prosecutor and the Judge will all be Jews. But right wing America fixated on the ethnicity of the defendants and used it to equate beings Jewish with being anti-American
1969 — (16th of Adar, 5729) Yonatan Netanyahu wrote to his parents, «In another week I’ll be 23. On me, on us, the young men of Israel, rests the duty of keeping our country safe. This is a heavy responsibility, which matures us early… I do not regret what I have done and what I’m about to do. I’m convinced that what I am doing is right. I believe in myself, in my country and in my future»
1976 — (4th of Adar II, 5736) «Slapsie» Maxie Rosenbloom light-heavyweight box champion from 1932 to 1934 passed away at the age of 71. Rosenbloom boxed during a period when Jews dominated the ring. In 1933, during Maxie’s reign as light-heavyweight champion, Jewish boxers were the champions in four out of the eight weight classes.