March 4

History events
-457 — (1st of Nisan, 3303) According to chapter 7, verse 9 of the Book of Ezra, Ezra and his followers left Babylonia for Jerusalem
1233 — (21rd of Adar, 4993) Gregory IX. issues bill forbidding Christians to dispute on matters of faith with Jews
1524 — (29rd of Adar, 5284) In Cairo, Mohamed Bey freed the Jews who had been imprisoned by the viceroy Ahmed Schaitan on the day on which he planned to kill them. Ahmed had rebelled against the Sultan and when a Jewish leader, Abraham de Castro, exposed the plot, Ahmed responded by demanding a ransom from the Jews of Cairo and then imprisoning them once they had brought him the money. This day of deliverance is celebrated as the Purim of Cairo
1699 — (13rd of Adar I, 5459) Jews of Lubeck, Germany, were expelled
1795 — (13rd of Adar, 5555) «Rights of Man» declared in Holland
1838 — (7rd of Adar, 5598) The first Sunday School for Jewish students, under the direction of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, opened today in Philadelphia, PA
1849 — (10rd of Adar, 5609) Religious freedom proclaimed in Austria
1874 — (15rd of Adar, 5634) “The Jews In Italy” published today contains a synopsys of an article by Dr. Berliner published in the Judische Presse. According to Dr. Berliner there are approximately 4,500 Jews living in Rome “most of who are destitute.” There are 5 synagouges in Rome two of which follow the Sephardic (Spanish) rite and three of which follow the Italian rite. One of the synagogues dates backs to the time of Titus, the Roman who destroyed the Second Temple.
1878 — (29rd of Adar-1, 5638) The Great Synagogue at 187a Elizabeth Street in Sydney, Australia was consecrated today
1937 — (21rd of Adar, 5697) In Warsaw, the Polish Government and the Jewish Emigration Agency signed an agreement designed “to facilitate the emigration of wealthy Polish Jews to Palestine
1938 — (1rd of Adar, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that there were 5,734,917 Palestine pounds in circulation and 15,641 registered vehicles in the country in 1937. There were also 95 credit cooperatives with 79,750 members.
1943 — (27rd of Adar, 5703) Most of the Jews living in Cuomotini, Greece were arrested and transported in 20 open train cars to the notorious Dupnitsa transit camp, and then dispatched from Lom by boat via the Danube. The Jews from Cuomotini and Kavala on the Karageorge were shot by the Bulgarians and the Germans; while three other boats, of which one held Cuomotini Jews, arrived in Vienna and from there the Thracian Jews were sent to Treblinka; where they were gassed upon arrival. The Bulgarians confiscated all of the Jewish properties and possessions; The Jews of Drama, a town in Macedonia, were arrested by the Bulgarian police and army, held in tobacco warehouses in the Agia Barbara quarter for three days, and then sent to the Gorna Djumaya camp in Bulgaria, where they were kept in extremely harsh conditions. From there, young men in their teens and early twenties were sent to forced labor in Bulgaria and 113 families (589 people) were dispatched by train to Lom and from there put on a boat to Vienna, where they were reloaded on trains to Treblinka and gassed upon their arrival; Jews continued to be sent from Paris to Chelmno, Sobibor, and Majdanek
1947 — (12rd of Adar, 5707) As much of Palestine’s Jewish community endured the third day of martial law, Joseph Saphir, the mayor of Petach Tikva reported that 4,000 men were out of work due to the clampdown and the number was growing. In Tel Aviv, the banks were closed due to a lack of coin and currency while the population worried about getting the necessities of life including fresh milk
1948 — (23rd of Adar I, 5708) This morning “Arabs ambushed and killed seventeen Jewish members of the Haganah…seven miles northwest of Jerusalem.”
1949 — (3rd of Adar, 5709) The Security Council of the United Nations recommended Israel for membership in the international body
1955 — (10rd of Adar, 5715) Following the rape and murder of his sister Shoshana and the murder of her boyfriend Oded Wegmeister by Bedouin Tribesmen, Meir Har-Zion “and three ex-members of the 890 Battalion drove to the Armistice Line with Jordan where they captured six Bedouins
1957 — (1rd of Adar-1, 5717) Israel, in compliance with the United Nations resolution, withdrew from the Gaza Strip and other territories. These territories had been seized in the Sinai Campaign of 1956
1987 — (3rd of Adar, 5747) Jonathan Pollard was sentenced today by a Washington, D.C. court to life imprisonment for spying for Israel
1996 — (13th of Adar, 5756) A suicide bomber killed at least 10 people and and wounded at least 35 others. The Arab bomber, with explosives strapped to his body, blew himself up in the street near the indoor mall known as Dizengoff Center

1743 — (19rd of Adar, 5503) Birthdate of Tuscan poet Solomon Fiorentino
1945 — (19rd of Adar, 5705) Eric Jabotinsky, the son of the late Vladimir Jabotinsky, is scheduled to begin living in Haifa today as part of the terms under which he was released from the custody of British authorities in Jerusalem