March 29

History events
-835 — (1st of Nisan, 2926) According to some Joash assumed the throne as King of Judah
1188 — (28st of Adar II, 4948) Emperor Frederick was convinced (both diplomatically and financially) by Moses bar Joseph Hakohen of Mayence to issue a decree declaring “that anyone who wounds a Jew shall have his arm cut off, he who slays a Jew shall die. This decree succeeded in preventing most of the excesses of the pervious crusades in the third crusade soon to follow
1516 — (26th of Nisan, 5276) Today, the government created the Venetian Ghetto which according to some was the oldest ghetto in the world and would survive until the arrival of Napoleon at the end of the 18th century
1559 — (21th of Nisan, 5319) Polish King Sigismund II granted the Jews a charter despite opposition of the local authorities at Przemysl
1629 — Birthdate of Alexis Mikhailovich, the second of the Romanov Czars. He reigned during the period marked by the Chmelnicki Uprising that decimated eastern European Jewry and the appearance of Sabbati Zvi. Considering the fact that we have records of the Czar ordering sharpshooters to protect Jews on their travels, sending Jewish merchants abroad to purchase wine and allowing Jews living in territory he acquired under the Treaty of Andrussev to continue living there as Russian citizens, he is considered to have been “kindly disposed toward the Jews
1814 — (8th of Nisan, 5574) The King of Denmark officially allowed Jews to find employment in all professions and makes racial and religious discrimination punishable by law
1848 — (24th of Adar II, 5608) A decree issued today granted civil rights to the Jews of Alessandria, Italy which allowed to serve in the army and hold government jobs
1892 — (1th of Nisan, 5652) The Russian government published the edict that expelled 14,000 Jews from Moscow. Two thirds of Moscow’s Jewry were disposed and violently removed to the Pale of Settlement
1912 — (11th of Nisan, 5672) By decree of the King of Italy, Jews in Tripoli can now organize as a community
1930 — (29th of Adar, 5690) The first American convention of the promoters and adherents of the Yiddish language, literature and culture opened this evening at the Irving Plaza Hall in New York City. Eight hundred people from the United States and Canada attended the opening session of a convention working to foster Yiddish Culture
1939 — (9th of Nisan, 5699) The Soviet NKVD secret police arrested Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, the father of the late Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson for his outspoken efforts against the Communist Party’s efforts to eradicate Jewish learning and practice in the Soviet Union. After more than a year of torture and interrogations in Stalin’s prisons, he was sentenced to exile to the interior of Russia. He died there in 1944. Rabbi Schneerson was a distinguished Kabbalist. Some of his writings have been published under the name Likkutei Levi Yitzchak. Most of it, however, was burned or confiscated by the Soviet authorities and has yet to be returned to the Chabad movement
1943 — (22th of Adar, 5703) Third and final shipment of Macedonian Jews from Skopje to Treblinka. Of the 7,144 Jews shipped there over three days only about 200 survived the war
1944 — (5th of Nisan, 5704) Tel Aviv was declared off limits to all military personnel today, including those who have family living in the city. The ban was in response to attacks on police stations in Haifa, Jaffa, and Jerusalem for which the Irgun has taken public credit
1945 — (15th of Nisan, 5705) On the first day of Pesach at least 58 Jews were murdered in a forest near the Austrian village of Deutsch Shuetzen, in what would come to be called the Deutsch Shuetzen Massacre
1947 — (8th of Nisan, 5707) “A ship carrying 1,600 Jewish unauthorized refugees was intercepted tonight off the northern coast of Palestine by the Royal Navy.” The ship which was known as the Patria or Moledeth was taken to the harbor at Haifa.
1950 — (11th of Nisan, 5710) The “first contingent of ‘hard core’ cases from the refugee camps in German and Austria arrive in Israel” three days before Pesach. “These unfortunates, the halt, the lame and the blind were brought in by the combined efforts of the international relief organizations, the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the Israeli Government.” Their arrival is an example of David Ben Gurion’s belief that Israel is the home for all Jews regardless of their condition
1956 — (17th of Nisan, 5716) Syria returned 4 Israeli soldiers who had been held captive for fifteen months in return for an the prisoners the Israelis had taken during Operation Olive Leaves; Beersheba was linked to Israel’s railway system
1977 — (10th of Nisan, 5737) The Jerusalem Post reported that the Egged management threatened to withdraw public transport service to and from Lod due to hooliganism, personal attacks, theft and other difficult conditions at the Lod Central Bus Station

1244 — (11th of Nisan, 5004) Rabbi Meir Abulafia Halevi (Ramah), noted Talmudist, masorete, and poet passed away today at Toledo, Spain at the age of 74
1614 — (29th of Nisan, 5374) Rabbi Joshua Falk ben Alexander Katz of Lemberg author of Sefer Me’irat Einayim, passed away today
1714 — (13th of Nisan) Rabbi David ben Solomon Altaras, author of Kelalei ha-Dikduk passed away
1866 — (22nd of Adar II, 5646) Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch passed away. Born in 1789, Rabbi Menachem Mendel was the grandson of the first Chabad Rebbe and was the third Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe