March 25

History events
1303 — (7th of Nisan, 5063) Massacre of the Jews of Weissensse, Germany
1584 — (23th of Nisan, 5344) “Queen Elizabeth I granted Sir Walter Raleigh a charter for the colonization of an area in North America” that would lead him to recruit Joachim Gans to join the expedition which make Gans “the first recorded Jew in Colonial America.”
1831 — (11th of Nisan, 5591) “The Colonial Act of William IV which passed the Legislature “today” removed any restraint or disabilities under which persons professing the Hebrew religion” in Barbados “then labored and subjected them like other persons to fines and penalties for the non-performance of duties
1872 — (15th of Adar II, 5632) Today, “the Royal Navy launched it first armour-cased iron vessel, the ironclad H.M.S. Thunder” which had “been built by Samuda Brothers, Jewish marine engineers and ship builders.” MG 108
1903 — (26th of Adar, 5663) The Jewish quarter of Port Said, Egypt was invaded and looted by Arabs in consequence of an earlier ritual murder charge that took place on September 17, 1902.
1921 — (15th of Adar II, 5681) Arab demonstrations begin in Haifa protesting Jewish immigration. Following police action designed to break up the gatherings, anti-Jewish riots broke out “during which ten Jews and five policemen were injured” by the rioters
1937 — (13th of Nisan, 5697) The Palestine Post reported that Petah Tikva had become Palestine’s second purely Jewish town and had been granted municipal status. The newly formed municipal council was to consist of 15 councilors, of whom one was to be mayor and another deputy mayor
1942 — (7th of Nisan, 5702) The government of the Slovak Republic began to deport its Jewish citizens today. The Slovak Republic was one of the countries to agree to deport its Jews as part of the Nazi Final Solution. Originally, the Slovak government tried to make a deal with Germany in October 1941 to deport its Jews as a substitute for providing Slovak workers to help the war effort. After the Wannsee Conference, the Germans agreed to the Slovak proposal, and a deal was reached where the Slovak Republic would pay for each Jew deported, and, in return, Germany promised that the Jews would never return to the republic. The initial terms were for «20,000 young, strong Jews», but the Slovak government quickly agreed to a German proposal to deport the entire population for «evacuation to territories in the east»
1943 — (18th of Adar II, 5703) A second group of Macedonian Jews who had been imprisoned in tobacco warehouses in Skopje was shipped to the Treblinka Death Camp; The Jewish community from Zólkiew, Poland, was marched to the Borek Forest and executed; One thousand Jews are deported from Marseilles, France, to the Sobibór death camp
1946 — (22th of Adar II, 5706) “A shipload of illegal immigrant arrived” off the coast of Tel Aviv tonight. Several of the immigrants evaded capture by the British and reportedly “found shelter” in the homes of Jews living in Tel Aviv
1947 — (4th of Nisan, 5707) A bank in Tel Aviv was robbed today in broad daylight by a gang believed to belong to the Irgun; In what appears to be another example of an on-going conflict among Arabs over the sale of land to Jews, gunmen attacked the home of Fakhri Eddine, a prominent Arab living in Beisan, seriously wounding five men and a girl
1948 — (14th of Adar II, 5708) As fighting continued today “along the Jaffa-Tel Aviv border” ten Jews were wounded when “four mortar shells fired by Arabs fell in southern Tel Aviv and “squads of the Haganah resumed shellfire at dawn” aimed “at Arab positions
1953 — (9th of Nisan, 5713) Dedication of a new road leading to Sodom

1597 — (6th of Nisan, 5357) Rabbi Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen, known as “Samuel Judah of Padua, the son of Rabbi Meir ben Isaac Katzenellenbogen and the father of Saul Wahl passed away today
1801 — (11th of Nisan, 5561) Joseph Almanzi, bibliophile and poet, born
1873 — (26th of Adar, 5633) Birthdate of agronomist Selig Suskin, a native of the Crimea who was one of the founder of Be’er Tuvia, and a delegate to the Sixth Zionist Congress
1981 — (19th of Adar II, 5741) Seventy-two year old Uriel Shelach, the Israeli poet who wrote under the pen name of Yonatan Ratosh passed away today