March 23

History events
1490 — (1th Nisan, 5250) The first dated edition of Maimonides’ “Mishneh Torah” was published.
1714 — (18th Nisan, 5474) Duke Ferdinand expelled the Jews from Courland
1880 — (11th Nisan, 5640) In Russia an editorial entitled “The Yid is Coming” is published in the anti-Semitic journal Novoe Vermie
1881 — (22th of Adar II 5641) Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Lubny, Russia
1915 — (8th Nisan, 5675) The Zion Mule Corps, consisting of Jewish volunteers from Palestine, was formed to serve with the British Army. This was the first Palestinian Jewish military unit attached to a regular army in the modern times
1942 — (5th Nisan, 5702) Of the approximately 4,000 remaining Jews in Lublin, Poland 2,500 were massacred and the rest of them were deported to Majdanek for extermination. At the start of the war, 40,000 of the 125,000 inhabitants of Lublin had been Jewish
1943 — (16th of Adar II, 5703) Twenty-nine Jewish orphans at La Rose Orphanage in Les Accates, France, as well as Alice Salomon, the guardian who refused to leave them two months before, were gassed at the Sobibor death camp
1948 — (12th of Adar II 5708) David Ben-Gurion “cabled the United States State Department a warning that he and his colleagues would with all of their strength oppose any postponement of Jewish independence.” The U.S. State Department, the body that had done so much to keep Jews from getting to the United States during the Hitler period, was busy trying to sabotage President Truman’s support of partition and the creation of a Jewish state
1949 — (22th of Adar II, 5709) Israel and Lebanon signed an armistice agreement. Israeli troops withdrew from border towns they had occupied during the fighting.

1712 — (15th of Adar II, 5472) Rabbi Zevi Hirsch Koidonover author of Kav ha-Yashar passed away
1887 — (27th of Adar, 5647) Seventy-year-old Posen born Rabbi Eliezer Landshuth, author of Amudei ha-Avodah passed away today at Berlin
1917 — (29th of Adar, 5667) Birthdate of Yevgeny Khaldei the Soviet born Jewish World War II combat photographer whose work included one of the most famous of that genre showing a Soviet soldier raising a flag over the Reichstag as the Red Army triumphed in the Battle of Berlin
1932 — (15th of Adar II, 5692) Sixty-five year old Boris Schatz, the Lithuanian born sculptor who became known as the «father of Israeli art,» founded the Bezalel School in Jerusalem passed away today
1944 — British Major-General Orde Wingate died in airplane crash while fighting the Japanese in Burma during World War II