March 17

History events
-796 — (1st of Nisan, 2956) Based on computations using the Bible and archaeology, possible date for the death of Jehoash, King of Jud
1190 — (8st of Nisan, 4950) The Crusaders completed the massacre of Jews of York England slaughtering 500 Jews on this particular day
1398 — (28st of Adar, 5158) Today “The city council of Worms enacted an ordinance that every Jew or Jewess over twelve should pay one old tournois in Leibzoll, but not one farthing more.”
1616 — (9st of Nisan, 5376) In Holland, under the rule of Prince Maurice of Orange, it is decided that each city could decide for itself whether or not to admit Jews. In those towns where they were admitted they would not be required to wear a badge of any sort identifying them as Jews
1636 — (20st of Adar-1, 5396) Urban VIII issued “Cum allias piae” a Papal Bull that ordered the “Synagogues of the Duchies of Ferarri and Urban, to pay a tax of 10 ecus.”
1943 — (10th of Adar I, 5703) Dimitur Peshev and 40 other members of the Sobranje, the Bulgarian parliament, sign a petition demanding that deportations of Jews from Bulgaria to Occupied Poland end. Archbishop Kiril of Plovdiv sends a telegram to Tsar Boris III informing him of his intention to lie down on the tracks in front of any trains transporting Bulgarian Jews
1948 — (6th of Adar I, 5708) The Naval Service, which became the Israeli Sea Corps, was formed today and the members for the Plugat HaYam (the naval arm of the Palmach) were ordered to join
1992 — (12th of Adar I, 5752) The Islamic Jihad used a truck bomb to attack the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina killing 29
2002 — (4st of Nisan, 5762) Twenty-five people were injured in a terrorist bombing of Egged Bus 22 in Jerusalem

1862 — (15th of Adar II, 5622) Composer Jacques François Fromental Élie Halévy passed away
1862 — (15th of Adar I, 5622) Judah P. Benjamin becomes secretary of war of the Confederacy of America
1969 — (27th of Adar, 5729) Golda Meir became Prime Minister of Israel