March 1

History events
1349 — (10 of Adar-1, 5109) Riots broke out in Worms (Germany). Many Jews fled to Heidelberg. Others in desperation set fire to their homes or were murdered. An estimated 420 people died that day. Their property was seized by the town
1655 — (2 of Adar-1, 5415) The Sheriff of New Amsterdam as plaintiff filed suit against the defendant Abram de la Sina, a Jew, for the crime of keeping his store open during the hour the church gave a sermon.
1670 — (19 of Adar-1, 5430) “A solemn proclamation was made in all public places that ‘for the glory of God’ all Jews should, on penalty of imprisonment and death, leave Vienna and Upper and Lower Austria before Corpus Christi Day, never to return. Hirz Koma and a physician named Leo Winkler, “made a last attempt to propitiate the emperor by offering him 100,000 florins and, in addition, 10,000 florins a year.”
1876 — (5 of Adar, 5636) In Savannah, GA, the cornerstone is laid for the new home of Mikveh Israel. The new structure was required because the congregation had outgrown the old building
1886 — (24 of Adar-1, 5646) First organized Arab attack on a Jewish settlement in what would become Eretz Yisrael. The attack was waged against Petak Tikvah, the first all Jewish village to be built in Palestine during modern times
1907 — (15 of Adar, 5667) As of today 15,000, Jews have fled Odessa since the attacks by members of the Black Hundreds began and thousands more “have their passports in readiness to leave Odessa at the first sign of an anti-Jewish attack
1919 — (29 of Adar-1, 56679) Emir Feisal, the son of Emir Hussein, Grand Sharif of Mecca and the leader of the Arabs of Hejaz sent a letter to Felix Frankfurter. According to Martin Gilbert he wrote, “We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. We will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home.” “I hope the Arabs may soon be in a position to make the Jews some return for their kindness. We are working together for a reformed and derived Near East, and our two movements complete one another. The Jewish movement is notional and not imperialist: our movement is national and not imperialist, and there is room in Syria for both. Indeed I think that neither can be a real success with the other. I look forward, and the people with me look forward to a future in which we will help you and you will help us, so that the countries in which we are mutually interested may once against take their place in the comity of the civilized peoples of the world.”
1920 — (11th of Adar, 5680) Tel Hai, a Jewish village in the Galilee is attacked by Arabs. Joseph Trumpeldor, the one-armed Jewish military leader and one of the Zionist movement’s first military heroes was killed in the ensuing battled along with five men under his command
1934 — (14 of Adar, 5694) As of this date, according to a report prepared by Morris Rothenberg, President of the ZOA, there are a quarter of a million Jews living in Palestine which marks a significant increase from the total of 85,000 Jews living there in 1921
1943 — (24 of Adar-1, 5703) In a speech given before a crowd of 70,000 people at Madison Square Garden, Chaim Weizmann states, “Two million Jews have already been exterminated. The world can no longer plead that the ghastly facts are unknown or unconfirmed. This rally had been planned by the American Jewish Congress in an attempt to mobilize American public opinion in support of efforts to rescue Jews trapped in Hitler’s Europe
1974 — (7 of Adar, 5734) “Soviet police detained about 70 Jews from Moscow and other Soviet cities to prevent the transmission of a petition to the Central Committee of the CPSU with 200 signatures; “Radio Moscow reported demonstrations by Zionist elements during the wreath laying ceremony at the monument to the heroes of Plevna in Moscow.”
2008 — (24 of Adar-1, 5678) On the second day of Operation Hot Winter which was aimed at disrupting terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces “carried out airstrikes at ammo warehouses, rocket factories, rocket warehouses and launching cells, combined with small incursions close to the border
2013 — (19 of Adar, 5773) Some 20,000 runners took part this morning in the Jerusalem marathon, which was won by Abraham Kabeto Katale of Ethiopia. His final time of 2:16:29 was a record for the course

1904 — (14 of Adar, 5664) Israel Schochat, founder of Ha-shomer arrived in Palestine
1922 — (1 of Adar, 5682) Birthdate of Yitzhak Rabin (יצחק רבין). A Sabra, Rabin was a soldier-statesman who served as Prime Minister from 1974 until 1977
1983 — (16th of Adar, 5743) Author Arthur Koestler and his wife Cynthia took their own lives this evening
2008 — (24th of Adar I, 5768) St. Sgt. Doron Asulin, 20 of Beersheba and St. Sgt. Eran Dan-Gur, 20, of Jerusalem, were killed early Saturday as their Givati Brigade units operated against terrorists. Asulin served in the brigade’s anti-tank company and Dan-Gur served in the Shaked Battalion