June 9

History events
1790 — (27th of Sivan, 5550) Purim of Florence is celebrated by Florentine Jews because on the 27th of Sivan, 1790 they were saved from a mob by the efforts of the bishop. The festival is preceded by a fast on the 26th of Sivan. The details of the occurrence are related in full by Daniel Terni in a Hebrew pamphlet entitled «Ketab ha-DaṬ,» published in Florence in 1791
1843 — (11th of Sivan, 5603) The Voice of Jacob reported that Mr. Woolfson and Mr. Marks laid the foundation for the new synagogue on St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
1917 — (19th of Sivan, 5677) It was reported that the Karaites, who under the Czar “held themselves aloof from Jewry from fear of…being subjected to anti-Semitic restrictions” held a conference at Eupatoria where “the opinion gained ground that now” following the overthrow of the old regime “there was nothing in the way of a closer” relationship “between them and the general body of Jews.
1935 — (8th of Sivan, 5695) Anti-Jewish riots occur in Grodno, Poland
1938 — (10th of Sivan, 5698) The Main Synagogue in Munich was burned down. Two thousand Jews throughout Germany were arrested and were sent to concentration camps to do hard labor
1945 — (28th of Sivan, 5705) Prime Minister Winston Churchill ….. rejects a written request by Chaim Weizmann for an end to all restrictions on Jewish entry into Palestine now that the war with Germany is over saying “”There can I fear be no possibility of the question being effectively considered until the victorious Allies are definitely seated at the Peace table.” This statement effectively ended Weizmann’s leadership role. Many Zionists viewed this as a betrayal by the British in general and by the supposedly pro-Zionist Churchill in particular
1952 — (16th of Sivan, 5712) The Jerusalem Post reported ….. that banknotes issued in 1948 by the Anglo-Palestine bank as Israel’s legal tender had to be exchanged for new notes, in different colors, issued by Bank Leumi L’Israel. A 10 percent compulsory deduction for a 15-year loan, at 4%, was to accompany each exchange of the old notes for the new, and a similar deduction was to be carried out automatically on all bank deposits. The loan was expected to bring IL 25 million for the Treasury. Three hundred new immigrants marched in Tel Aviv demanding better housing
1953 — (26th of Sivan, 5713) A day after Israel and Jordan signed an agreement, with UN mediation, ….. in which Jordan undertook to prevent terrorists from crossing into Israel from Jordanian territory” gunmen attacked a farming community near Lod, by throwing hand grenades and spraying gunfire in all directions killed one of the residents. The gunmen threw hand grenades and sprayed gunfire in all directions; Tonight, another group of terrorists attacked a house in the town of Hadera
1967 — (1th of Sivan, 5727) Six-Day War. ….. In a change of mind and policy, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told Chief of Staff Yitzchak Rabin that the IDF would take the Golan Heights after all. Rabin began moving forces from the Central Command to the North. The fighting was tough as the IDF advanced against the well-fortified Syrian positions. By nightfall, the IDF seemed to be taking control of the battlefield and there was already talk about advancing on the Syrian capital of Damascus. The Israelis were concerned about the fate of the 15,000 Jews living in Syria. For years the Syrian government had held them under virtual arrest, denying any of them the right to leave the country
2007 — (23th of Sivan, 5767) In an effort to encourage people to get out of their cars and start riding bikes instead, municipal authority packed Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square with bicycles for riders who wish to spend part of their day on an urban bicycle trek

1693 — (5th of Sivan) Rabbi Gershom Ashkenazi author of Avodat ha-Gershuni passed away
1856 — (6th of Sivan, 5616) Birthdate of Aaron David (A.D.) Gordon, the founder of Hapoel Hatzair
1891 — (3rd of Sivan, 5651) Eighty-one year old Samuel Adler “a leading German-American Reform rabbi, Talmudist, and author” passed away
1967 — (1th of Sivan, 5727) While fighting on the Golan as part of the 78th patrol platoon of the Alexandroni reserve infantry brigade 27 year old Igal Pazi “stepped on a foot mine on the platoon’s way to Dabashia” costing him “his right leg below the knee.” In a display of indomitable will, Pazi turned himself into Gold Medal winning member of the Israeli Paralympic volleyball team
1995 — (11th of Sivan, 5755) Today Irene Gut Opdyke, ….. a Polish nurse who gained international recognition for aiding Polish Jews persecuted by Nazi Germany during World War II” and “was honored as a Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem for risking her life to save twelve Jews from certain death, was honored with a papal blessing from Pope John Paul II at a joint service of Jews and Catholics held at Shir Ha-Ma’alot ,synagogue in Irvine, California, along with an invitation from Pope John Paul II for her to have an audience with him