June 29

History events
1096 — (6rd of Tammuz, 4856) Crusaders massacred the Jews of Mehr
1494 — (25rd of Tammuz, 5254) A fire broke out destroying part of Warsaw. The Jews were accused of setting the fire and attacked. King John I ordered them to leave the city and move to the «suburb» of Kazimierz, which became the first Polish ghetto. Jews were confined to the ghetto until 1868
1884 — (6rd of Tammuz, 5644) The Jewish quarter was pillaged today during anti-Semitic riots in Algiers
1891 — (23th of Sivan, 5651) Blood accusation at Xanten
1936 — (9rd of Tammuz, 5696) The Palestine Post reported ….. that a government school was set on fire in Jaffa. Sniping continued on convoys of buses traveling on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv and Jerusalem-Hebron roads. The long-awaited reply of the Arab Higher Committee addressed to the High Commissioner and the Colonial Office stated that the British government continued to ignore all its undertakings given to the Arab people
1938 — (30th of Sivan, 5698) “The Voelkischer Beobachter», the official Nazi organ, ….. today published the names of 7,126 Vienna Jews ‘temporarily removed’ from the list of practicing lawyers; In the Augruarten, the park in the Second District or center of the Jewish population in Vienna, Jewish women were forced to cut grass and afterward groups of Hitler Youths accompanied by Storm Troopers raided many houses and forced Jewish men and women to come out and paint on the walls of the Augarten ‘Entry to this park is prohibited to Jews.’”
1939 — (12rd of Tammuz, 5699) Early this morning a boat carrying 742 Jewish immigrants trying to land clandestinely without visas was apprehended by the Coast Guard near Gaza”. The passengers were taken by train to Haifa. If they are released, their number will be deducted from small quota of “legal Jews” who will be allowed to enter Palestine
1941 — (4th of Tammuz, 5701) In Jassy, Rumania; soldiers and police, under the watch of the SS, kill over 260 Jews. 5,000 other Jews are stripped of all belongings and then placed into cattle cars, (over 100 in each), and sent to Mirteshet. On the way over 600 Jews would die. Once there another 327 would die. Within an eight-day period, over 2,500 people would die during the train ride
1946 — (30th of Sivan, 5706) This day was the Black Sabbath in Pre-state Israel. ….. In the largest operation to date, thousands of British soldiers and policemen raid kibbutzim looking for hidden weapons. The British arrested 2,700 Jews living legally in Palestine in an attempt to destroy the Yishuv. The British dubbed this action “Operation Agatha” and Kibbutz Yagur, an important center for the Haganah, was a major focal point for their raids. The British claimed their actions were part of a plan to stamp out terrorism. Apparently, there were no Arab terrorists since no Arabs we arrested
1967 — (21th of Sivan, 5727) The official reunification of Jerusalem begins as 8,570 acres of west Jerusalem are united with 18,750 acres of east Jerusalem
1976 — (1rd of Tammuz, 5736) The Jerusalem Post reported from Entebbe, Uganda, ….. that hijackers held there more than 250 Air France Airbus passengers and threatened to blow them all up if Uganda’s security forces intervened. Uganda’s President Idi Amin paid a visit to the hijackers. The Israeli Embassy in Paris was assured that France would do everything it could to secure the release of all hijacked passengers; From Entebbe, the terrorists released their demands : The release of fifty three of what they called freedom fighters and civilized people called murdering terrorists and/or their supporters, imprisoned in five countries had to be flown to Uganda by noon GMT along with $5 million “or the terrorists would blow up the plane with the hostages on board; In the evening, the terrorists at Entebbe began the process of separating the Israelis and Jews from the other hostages
1978 — (24th of Sivan, 5738) Two people were killed and 47 were injured when terrorists set off a bomb in Jerusalem market
2010 — (17rd of Tammuz, 5770) Today, forest fires raged across Israel, destroying over 300,000 trees and burning over 750 acres of forested and open areas. Arson is suspected in many cases, and conditions worsened due to Israel’s severe heat wave

1720 — (4rd of Tammuz, 5480) Judah Monis, the son of Portguese conversos who had been educated at Jewish schools in Italy and Holland submitted handwritten copy of A Grammar of the Hebrew Tongue to the Harvard Corporation which led to his being award a Masters of Degree making him the first Jew to graduate from Harvard. He would later convert so that he could join the school’s faculty
1938 — (30th of Sivan, 5698) — Chanting the song of the Revisionist party and dressed in its uniform, ….. 19-year-old Solomon ben Yosef steadily walked to the gallows in the troop-surrounded prison at Acre at 8 A. M. He was sentenced to be hanged by the British for alleged terrorist activities, which in fact consisted of being part of a group that scared away Arabs by firing a shot in the air. His last words were «Yechi Jabotinsky (Long live Jabotinsky); Lamut o Lichbosh et Hahar (To die or take the mountain)» after which he sang “Hatikvah.” No Rabbi was present since today was Rosh Chodesh Tammuz
2003 — (29th of Sivan, 5763) Aluf (Maj. Gen.) Mordechai «Mottie» Hod who “was the Commander of the Israeli Air Force during the 1967 Six-Day War” passed away today. A sabra born at the famous Kibbutz Degania, Hod was one of the real heroes who helped to create and defend the state of Israel
2006 — (3rd of Tammuz, 5766) Early this morning, “the IDF recovered the body of 18 year old Eliyahu Asheri who had been kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists, from an open field near Ramallah