June 28

History events
1286 — (4th of Tammuz, 5046) Meïr of Rothenburg imprisoned at Rotevil by Bishop Henry of Basel
1366 — (18th of Tammuz, 5126) Jew badge introduced into Venice
1443 — (1th of Аv, 5203) The marquis of Mantua, Italy issued favorable regulations, granting Jews freedom of religion, the right to settle internal disputes in rabbinic courts and permission to engage in all occupations
1948 — (21th of Sivan, 5708) Count Folke Bernadotte, a Swedish diplomat appointed as a mediator by the UN submitted his first plan to end hostilities which if adopted would have “abolished the Jewish state” and created a Kingdom of Transjordan with “a Jewish enclave” which meant the he was voiding Resolution 181 that had created the Jewish state in 1947
1951 — (24th of Sivan, 5711) The Jerusalem Post reported that a modified scheme for national insurance was finally approved by the government and was to be brought before the Knesset. Registration continued for the Four-Year People’s Housing Scheme. Twelve thousand housing units were expected to be allocated to needy citizens yearly
1976 — (30th of Sivan, 5736) Air France Flight 139, which had been hijacked by terrorists, arrived at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. The four hijackers were joined by several comrades who were supported by Idi Amin, the pro-Palestinian Uganda dictator
1987 — (1th of Tammuz, 5747) A children’s memorial designed by Moshe Safdie and financed by an American Jew named Abraham Spiegel who had lost his two year old son at Auschwitz, opened at Yad Vashem
2014 — (30th of Sivan, 5774) As rocket attacks from Gaza continue to intensify a missle fired from Beit Hanoun hit the «Denber» plastic factory in Sderot’s industrial area, causing a large fire to break out which resulted in the destruction of the factory. While some workers were injured there was no loss of life

1984 — (28th of Sivan, 5744) Yigael Yadin an Israeli archeologist, politician, and the second Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, passed away
2001 — (7th of Tammuz, 5761) Ekaterina (Katya) Weintraub, 27, of Ganim in northern Samaria was killed and another woman injured late Thursday afternoon by shots fired at the two-car convoy on the Jenin bypass road