June 23

History events
1270 — (2th of Tammuz, 5030) Martyrdom of Jews of Weissenburg
1298 — (12th of Tammuz, 5058) Massacre of the Jews of Wiener-Neustadt, Austria
1858 — (11th of Tammuz, 5618) An incident, known as the Mortara Affair, began in Bologna: Edgardo Mortara, a seven year old Jewish boy, was kidnapped by the Roman Catholic Church on the pretext that a servant girl claimed that she had baptized him. The pope, Pious IX, refused to surrender him despite many protests. The combination of the Damascus affair and this affair led to unification among many Jews and later to the establishment of the Alliance Israelite
1992 — (22th of Sivan, 5752) Yitzhak Rabin wins the Israeli parliamentary elections and becomes Prime Minister for the second time.

1608 — (19th of Tammuz, 5368) Samuel Pallache “a Jewish-Moroccan merchant, diplomat and pirate met stadholder Maurice of Nassau and the States-General in The Hague to negotiate an alliance of mutual assistance against Spain
1700 — (17th of Tammuz, 5460) Solomon de Medina was dubbed a knight by William III. He was the first Jew to receive this honor. Medina was military contractor who would provide invaluable aid to the Duke of Marlborough during the War of Spanish Succession