June 17

History events
1244 — (9th of Tammuz, 5004) Twenty-four wagon-loads of Talmuds and two hundred other manuscripts burned at Paris
1503 — (23th of Sivan, 5263) Eighty Maranos imprisoned by Alexander VI. at Rome
1939 — (30th of Sivan, 5699) After being denied access to Cuba and the United States, the German refugee ship St. Louis docks in Antwerp, Belgium. Belgium offers to take 214 passengers, the Netherlands 181, Britain 287, and France 224. Ultimately, the Nazis will murder most of the passengers except for those accepted by Great Britain
1946 — (18th of Sivan, 5706) Lehi attack the railway operations at Haifa
1951 — (13th of Sivan, 5711) Central system of Israel’s underground water supply was dedicated in Northern Negev
1967 — (9th of Sivan, 5727) Moshe Dayan ordered the responsibility for the Haram, which had been under Israeli military control for a week, to be restored to the Muslims. He also insisted that all Muslims, whether living in Israel or the West Bank be allowed to pray at the Haram

1956 — (8th of Tammuz, 5716) Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion names Golda Meir to replace Moshe Sharett as Foreign Minister