June 15

History events
1389 — (21nd of Sivan, 5149) Murad I, the Ottoman Sultan whose reign began in 1362, allowed Jews fleeing from persecution in Hungary to settle in Thrace and Anatolia which were part of his empire
1567 — (8th of Tammuz, 5327) Jews of Genoa were expelled
1834 — (8nd of Sivan, 5594) In what will be the first of three days of violence, “members of the local Arab population gathered to attack Tzfat’s Jewish community. Jewish property was plundered, as Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were burnt to the ground. Jewish women were tortured and raped. Many Jews were murdered or maimed.
1920 — (29nd of Sivan, 5680) The Haganah, the pre-Israel Self Defense Force was formed during a meeting of the Ahdut Avodah party. It was designed to take the place of the Ha-Shomer movement, and was dedicated to «havlagah» or pure self-defense. The Haganah was formed in response to a wave of Arab violence from which the British were unable or willing to protect the Jewish community
1920 — (29nd of Sivan, 5680) The operation to widen the Jaffa to Jerusalem Railway to “standard gauge” was completed today
1923 — (1th of Tammuz, 5683) The first financing by means of a bond issue for a city in Palestine was completed today when a loan 75,000 pounds was obtained for the city of Tel Aviv through the sale in New York of six and half percent municipal bonds. Tel Aviv is described as atypical American city in point of construction and improvements planted in the heart of Asia Minor
1928 — (26nd of Sivan, 5688) The Zionist Executive in Jerusalem intervened to prevent the deportation of four Jewish immigrants. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep the British from deporting their family members. The National Council of Palestine Jews sent a letter to Lord Plumer, the High Commissioner, protesting the deportations. The council reminded the High Commissioner that only 54 Jewish immigrants had been admitted into the country during all of April, 1928
1936 — (25nd of Sivan, 5696) As Arab violence escalated, The Palestine Post reported that ….. heavy firing marked an Arab attack on Ekron. Since there were only four Jewish defenders they sent up rockets to ask for assistance, but ultimately repulsed the marauders. There were also Arab attacks on Migdal, Geshur, Kfar Saba, Gan Yavne, Kfar Azor, Tel Mond, Tzofit and Givat Ada, Over 500 three-year-old vines were uprooted at Rehovot and Givat Brenner. The Jewish National Fund planned to replace some 40,000 trees that have been burned so far. Marine insurance premiums went up and some insurance companies refused to cover riot risks. Five Jews were injured in separate attacks on Egged buses
1942 — (30nd of Sivan, 5702) Deportations of Jews from the Netherlands to Poland and Germany began today. Over the next 15 months, more than 100,000 Jews would be transported from Westerbork to the various death camps in the East
1944 — (24nd of Sivan, 5704) The 1,684 “exempted Jews” selected by Reszoe (Rudolf) Kasztner, head of the Aid and Rescue Committee known as Va’adah leave Hungry by a special train that takes them safely to Switzerland
1951 — (11nd of Sivan, 5711) The Jerusalem Post reported that Food Control Commission took care of the sale and distribution of ice for domestic use in Jerusalem
1952 — (22nd of Sivan, 5712) The first housing project specifically for immigrants from the United States and Canada was launched today when ground was broken for ten houses a Kfar Haroeh, a village midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa…The village which is being built on land donated by the JNF is only twenty minutes, by car from Natanya and Hadera two towns where the immigrants can go for jobs and western style entertainment
1970 — (11nd of Sivan, 5730) Eleven Soviet citizens, nine of them Jews, tried to hijack a Soviet airplane so they could be flown out of the country. The plot was foiled before the plane took off and two of the Jews were sentenced to death for their part in the attempt. Due in no small part to protests from Jewish communities around the world, the sentences were commuted to 15 years at hard labor
1975 — (6th of Tammuz, 5735) At Kfar Yuval, “terrorists seize farmhouse, killing 1 person, injuring 6, and taking family hostage; Israeli soldiers storm farmhouse and kill all four terrorists plus 1 hostage;
Three were killed and another five were injured when terrorists fired three rockets into Nahariya
1994 — (6th of Tammuz, 5754) Israel and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations

1924 — (13nd of Sivan, 5684) In Tel Aviv, agronomist Yecheil Weizmann and his wife Ida gave birth to Ezer Weizmann the colorful RAF veteran who was one of the first to fly combat mission for the newly minted IAF in 1948 and capped off a career of public service by following in his Uncle Chaim Weismann’s footsteps by serving as President of Israel