June 14

History events
1656 — (2rd of Tammuz, 5416) Directors of the Dutch West India Company sent a strong letter to Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam ordering him to give «more respect» to the «Jews or Portuguese people» in his city
1796 — (8nd of Sivan, 5556) French forces attacked Frankfurt. An artillery barrage aimed at the Austrian arsenal next to the ghetto struck the Judengasse instead. The subsequent fired burned so much of the ghetto that 2,000 of its inhabitants were left homeless. This forced the city’s senate to suspend the decree forbidding Jews from living elsewhere in the city. The fire effectively marked the end of the Jewish Ghetto in Frankfurt
1906 — (21nd of Sivan, 5666) Start of three days of anti-Jewish violence known as the Bialystok Pogrom
1936 — (24nd of Sivan, 5696) The Palestine Post reported that once more the Jezreel Valley settlements of Kfar Yehezkel and Tel Yosef were singled out for concentrated Arab attacks. The settlement of Sejera in Lower Galilee suffered its stormiest night ‚ grain and cornfields were set on fire and over 250 old olive trees were cut down. After all Arab train passengers left a train at Kalkilya, a bomb thrown inside one of the coaches injured 18 Jews near Tulkarm
1940 — (8nd of Sivan, 5700) Auschwitz was opened. Approximately 2.5 million people were killed and another 500,000 died of starvation and disease there. The first inmates, included teachers, priests, and other non-Jewish Poles
1951 — (10nd of Sivan, 5711) The Jerusalem Post reported, that nine additional clothing points and 11 shoe points were released for the month of July. The Kaiser-Frazer plant in Haifa which was hailed as a model of American production efficiency assembled the first cars for sale in Israel

1998 — (20nd of Sivan, 5758) Yad Vashem recognized Sofka Skipwith as Righteous Among the Nations