June 12

History events
1269 — (11rd of Tammuz, 5029) Jews of France ordered to wear a yellow badge
1936 — (22nd of Sivan, 5696) Fourteen Jews were injured, five of them seriously, when a bomb was exploded in a coach as “a train that Haifa for Lydda was pulling out of Kalkilya.”
1943 — (9nd of Sivan, 5703) The Jewish community at Berezhany, Ukraine, is wiped out. On Shabbat, in the morning, the Nazis led 1,180 Jews of Berezhany to face death at the city’s old Jewish graveyard, where the Nazis shot into a mass grave
1967 — (4nd of Sivan, 5727) First Israeli ship sailed through Gulf of Eilat after the Six Days War. It was the closure of the Gulf of Eilat and the blockade of the port of Eilat by the Egyptians in May that led to the June War
2002 — (2rd of Tammuz, 5762) A Palestinian with a bomb hidden under his shirt walked into a restaurant today on a main street in this town north of Tel Aviv, asked for a bottle of water and blew himself up, killing a 15-year-old girl and wounding eight other people
2007 — (26nd of Sivan, 5767) The Jerusalem Post reported that Eighty three percent of Jewish Israelis are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their lives, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics annual Social Survey 2006

1648 — (22nd of Sivan, 5408) Rabbi Yechiel Michael ben Eliezer, the head of the Jewish community in Nemirov was clubbed to death before his mother’s eyes during the Chmielnicki Uprising, the worst massacre of Jews until the Holocaust
1720 — (17nd of Sivan, 5480) Birthdate of Isaac Pinto, translator of the first Jewish prayer book published in America. A member of Congregation Shearith Israel in the city of New York, he is remembered chiefly for having prepared what is probably the earliest Jewish prayer-book published in America, and certainly the first work of its kind printed in New York City
1994 — (3rd of Tammuz, 5754) The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, passed away. Rabbi Schneerson, or simply «The Rebbe» as he was known by his followers and admirers, was the leader of the Lubavitch movement for decades. He is most famous for the outreach program that he began which reached Jews throughout the world. Thanks to his effort, it is almost impossible to go any place and not find a Chabad House. He sent «lamplighters» out into to the world to bring the light of Torah to Jews who were in darkness whether they were in Moscow, Morocco or Little Rock, Arkansas