June 11

History events
1590 — (19th of Sivan, 5350) The entire Jewish quarter of Posen which was built almost entirely of wood burned while the gentile population watched and pillaged. Fifteen people died and eighty scrolls were burned
1915 — (29th of Sivan, 5675) In Copenhagen, at the second day of its meeting, The Action Committee (Va;ad HaPoel HaZioni) rejected Jabotinsky’s “plan to establish a Jewish Legion” resolving that «The Jewish Legion project stands in deep contradiction to the principles of Zionist activity… no Zionist will participate or support this activity.»
1923 — (27th of Sivan, 5683) An official statement of the Soviet Government says that all Jews who wish to join relatives in America may do so by applying for emigration passports
1943 — (8th of Sivan, 5703) Himmler ordered the liquidation of all Polish ghettos.
1948 — (4th of Sivan, 5708) The first truce between the Israelis and the Arab invaders began. ….. During four weeks the Israelis had not only survived, they were in control of respectable amount of territory. This included the eastern and western portions of the Galilee, the Jezreel Valley from Haifa on the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, the coastal plain as far south as Ashdod, a major portion of the Negev and the corridor that connected Jerusalem with the rest of the Jewish controlled territory. The U.N. sponsored truce was supposed to last four weeks
1951 — (7th of Sivan, 5711)The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel resumed the Hula drainage work with full UN authorization
1954 — (10th of Sivan, 5714)Archeologist Yigael Yadin sent a telegram to Teddy Kollek ….. stating that four Dead Sea Scrolls, including the Book of Isaiah, had been brought to the United States and were being offered for sale. Yadin said they could be purchased for $250,000, what he considered a paltry sum for so great a treasure. He said that he could raise the money from private sources but that it would take a year. He pleaded with Kollek to get the Israeli government to provide the funds immediately. Prime Minister Sharett agreed and authorized the Minister of Finance to provide the funds. Thanks to the quick action, this national treasure was secured for Israel
1967 — (3th of Sivan, 5727) During a meeting at David Ben-Gurion’s home ….. , “Defense Minister Moshe Dayan proposed autonomy for the West Bank, the transfer of Gazan refugees to Jordan, and a united Jerusalem serving as Israel’s capital. Ben-Gurion agreed with him, but foresaw problems in transferring Palestinian refugees from Gaza to Jordan, and recommended that Israel insist on direct talks with Egypt, favoring withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for peace and free navigation through the Straits of Tiran.”
1967 — (3th of Sivan, 5727) “A delegation of former residents of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem asked the municipality for permission to rebuild their old homes; Teddy Kollek arranged for 20,000 bottles of milk for infants to be taken into the Muslim, Christian and Armenian Quarters of the Old City; David Ben Gurion visited the Western Wall today
2003 — (11th of Sivan, 5763) In Jerusalem, seventeen people — 11 women and six men — were killed and over 100 wounded in a suicide bombing on Egged bus #14A outside the Klal building on Jaffa Road in the center of Jerusalem

1945 — (30th of Sivan, 5705) Fifty-two year old Eliyahu Golomb who played a key role in the creation of the Haganah and the Palmach passed away today
1948 — (4th of Sivan, 5708) As night fell on the first night of the truce, tragedy struck. ….. The Jewish commander of the Jerusalem Front, Mickey Marcus aka Mickey Stone, was shot by an Israeli guard. Marcus was spending the night with a Palmach battalion. When return from a trip to the latrine, Marcus was challenged by a guard. Marcus spoke no Hebrew and was unable to respond. The youngster fired a warning shot and called again for the password. Marcus did not respond, but kept moving forward. The young guard fired several more shots one of which hit Marcus, mortally wounding him. Marcus’ most famous accomplishment was the construction of the “Burma Road” – the roadway to Jerusalem built under the threat of Arab guns that guaranteed Jerusalem would be part of the Jewish state. Marcus’ body was taken back to the United States, escorted by several leading Israeli leaders. Marcus was buried at West Point, the military academy that gave him the training to fight for his country during World War II and to fight for his people during the War of Independence