June 1

History events
1096 — (8th of Sivan, 4856) During the First Crusade, the first of two massacres of the Jews took place Xanten, the town in Rhenish Prussia
1244 — (23th of Sivan, 5004) «Privilegium Fredericianum.» issued by Duke Frederick II. of Austria, 1244
1582 — (11th of Sivan, 5342) The Municipal Council of Pressburg “decreed that no one should harbor Jews, or even transact business with them
1656 — (19th of Sivan, 5416) The Jews of New Amsterdam are allowed to practice their religion, after reminding the Dutch West India Company that Jews «in quietness» were allowed to practice in Holland and other Dutch colonies
1885 — (18th of Sivan, 5645) Anti-Semitic riots have broken out again in Vienna. At least forty Jews have been injured in the attacks which have led to the destruction of several Jewish businesses. The riots appear to have been brought on by the current elections which have seen the defeat of Leopoldstadt Schnieder the anti-Semitic candidate who lost by six thousand votes
1906 — (8th of Sivan, 5666) A pogrom broke out in Bialystok, Russia
1941 — (6th of Sivan, 5701) In Baghdad, Pro Axis Rashid Ali, began his revolution against the British by attacking the Jewish community. Approximately 150 Jews were murdered and 800 injured during two day of rioting. British troops stationed outside the city did not intervene. The pogrom is known as the Farhood
1941 — (6th of Sivan, 5701) The deportation of Bosnian Jews to regional concentration camps begins. By November, 14,000 Jews will have been deported to these camps
1942 — (16th of Sivan, 5702) Between today and the 7th of June seven thousand Jews from Kraków, Poland, are murdered at the Belzec extermination camp
1943 — (27th of Iyar, 5703) Holocaust. ….. Jews of Dalmatia, Serbia, are transferred to the island of Rab, which is off the coast of Croatia; Starting today and lasting throughout the first two weeks in June 10,000 Jews from Lvov lose their lives in a combination of street assaults and killings at Janówska, Ukraine; During liquidation of the ghetto at Sosnowiec, Poland, which began on June 1 and ended on June 6, a spirited resistance is led by Zvi Dunski. Ill-armed Jews fight back as deportations proceed; The liquidation of the Jewish ghetto at Buczacz, Ukraine begins. It will end on June 6. Some Jews resist and escape
1945 — (20th of Sivan, 5705) Public-opinion polls taken during June indicate that Americans consider Jews a far greater threat to America than they consider German or Japanese Americans
1948 — (23th of Iyar, 5708) The Arab states and Israel agreed to a cease-fire.
1965 — (1th of Sivan, 5725) Militants attack a house in Kibbutz Yiftah
1967 — (22th of Iyar, 5727) Six-Day War. ….. Having seen its plans to organize an international flotilla to break the blockade of the Straits of Tiran come to naught, the United States government shifts its policy. Previously, President Johnson cautioned Israel not to fire the first shot in even of war. On this day, when Secretary of State Rusk was asked if the U.S. would restrain Israel from taking precipitate actions, he replied, “ I do not think it is our business to restrain anybody.” On this same date, Abba Eban realized that diplomacy would not work and that war looked like the only viable option; In response to the mounting tensions and popular demand, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol forms a government of national unity with membership from the total spectrum of Israeli political. Moshe Dyan is named Defense Minister and meets with Chief of Staff Rabin who outlines the military’s plans. Dyan approves that which had already been prepared
2001 — (10th of Sivan, 5761) Twenty-one Israelis were killed and another 132 were injured, most of whom were high school students when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Tel Aviv at the Dolphinarium
2009 — (9th of Sivan, 5769) Security forces uprooted the outpost of Nahalat Yosef today and arrested several activists who protested the destruction. Among those arrested was MK Michael Ben-Ari. Following those events, security forces converged on Ramat Gilad, where residents are concerned at the prospect of a confrontation but say they will resist any attempts to evict them from the area.

1937 — (22th of Sivan, 5697) Birthdate of Yisrael Meir Lau, the Polish born rabbi whose father died at Treblinka, who became the Chairman of Yad Vashem and Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv