July 7

History events
1274 — (2st of Av, 5034) Gregory X. issues bull against blood accusation,
1358 — (1st of Av, 5118) Hundreds of Jews were murdered in Catalonia
1922 — (11th of Tammuz, 5682) Hadoar, the first daily Hebrew newspaper published in the United States was converted to a weekly
1937 — (28th of Tammuz, 5697) The Peel Commission Report describing the investigation of the 1936 Arab Riots was published. The Commission recommended the partition of Mandatory Palestine into two states. The Zionist Congress would, while rejecting the actual borders, agree to consider the proposal. The Arabs rejected it out of hand.
1941 — (12th of Tammuz, 5701) Two thousand Jews are murdered at Khotin, Ukraine
1942 — (22nd of Tammuz, 5702) One thousand Jews from Rzeszów, Poland, are killed at the Rudna Forest. Fourteen thousand are deported to the Belzec death camp
1943 — (4th of Tammuz, 5703) In the Negev, about 30 minutes south of Beersheba, Kibbutz Tel Ha Tzofim (Scout’s hill), which was later renamed Revivim (Showers) by Berl Katznelson was founded today.
1948 — (30th of Sivan, 5708) War for Independence. ….. The settlers who were defending Kfar Darom against Egyptian attacks agreed to be evacuated. Kfar Darom had been cut off from direct military help since the end of June. Air drops of supplies failed to reach the embattled settlement because of Egyptian anti-aircraft. Their stubborn resistance helped to slow the Egyptian advance on Tel Aviv and bought time for the Israelis defending the approaches to the major Jewish population centers. The successful evacuation took place during the night of July 7-8; Abdullah el-Tell, the Military Governor of Jerusalem “signed the «Mount Scopus Agreement» by which the Israelis agreed that Mount Scopus would be demilitarized and come under United Nations supervision.”; During the War for Independence, with the truce period about to expire the Security Council asked each side if they would extend it for ten days. The Jews accepted the proposal. The Arabs rejected it
1964 — (27th of Tammuz, 5724) Tens of thousands of Israelis paid honor tonight to Zeev Jabotinsky, whose remains were flown to Tel Aviv from the United States for reburial
1971 — (14th of Tammuz, 5731) Four people were killed and thirty more were injured during a “rocket attack on a Tel Aviv suburb

1690 — (11st of Av? 5450) Rabbi Hillel ben Naphta Zevi of Altona, author Bet Hillel, novella on the code passed away
1891 — (1th of Tammuz, 5651) Ludwig Chronegk, German theatrical manager and actor, died
1934 — (24th of Tammuz, 5694) Mendel Beilis—a Jewish factory manager in Kiev, Ukraine, accused of murdering a Christian child to use his blood to bake matzah for Passover— whose blood libel trial attracted international attention died suddenly today in Saratoga Springs, NY.
1965 — (7th of Tammuz, 5725) Moshe Sharett, second Prime Minister of Israel, passed away
1994 — (28th of Tammuz, 5754) Seventeen year old Sarit Prigal, was shot to death when terrorists opened fire from a passing car near the entrance to Kiryat Arba