July 6

History events
1348 — (10th of Av, 5108) Pope Clement VI issued a Papal Bull protecting Jews during the Black Plague. Clement issued two papal bulls in 1348 which condemned the violence and said those who blamed the plague on the Jews had been ‘seduced by that liar, the Devil.’ He urged clergy to take action to protect Jews, but the orders appeared to have little effect, and the destruction of whole Jewish communities continued until 1349”
1476 — (14th of Tammuz, 5236) Abraham ben Solomon Conat a Jewish printer, Talmudist, and physician, printed Tur Orah Hayyim by Jacob b. Asher at Mantua, Italy.
1882 — (19th of Tammuz, 5642) The first 14 members of BILU arrived from Russia ….. at the port of Yaffa in what is now the land of Israel. The letters BILU are the initials for the Hebrew expression, «House of Jacob Let Us Rise and Go.» BILU was formed by Russian students at the University of Khrakov who called for the active colonization of the land. The students hired themselves out as agricultural laborers at Mikve Yisrael. They believed it was possible to start a worldwide movement to encourage settlement in Eretz Israel
1920 — (20th of Tammuz, 57680) In the UK, dedication of the London Jewish Hospital
1941 — (11th of Tammuz, 5701) Lithuanian militiamen murdered 2,514 Jews in Kovno
1942 — (21th of Tammuz, 5702) The first issue of Eynikeyt (Unity), a Yiddish-language journal of the Soviet Jewish Antifascist Committee, is published
1950 — (21th of Tammuz, 5710) In Israel, hospital nurses went on strike demanding a 42-hour work week during the summer months at government run hospitals. Private hospitals and those administered by trade unions have already agreed to the demand and are not affected by the strike
1951 — (2th of Tammuz, 5711) The Jerusalem Post reported that ….. after all final registration demands were met, 16 political parties became entitled to compete in the Second Knesset elections. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was cheered wildly on his pre-election tour by more than 5,000 Migdal Ashkelon residents. He advised all persons between 20 and 40 years of age to learn to bear arms and assured the gathered crowds that their town would become the second port city in the south of the country, after Eilat. Following the discovery of major irregularities in the shoe industry, the authorities froze all stocks held by shoe manufacturers and ordered a strict shoe sales control throughout the country. Three persons were wounded in the Musrara Quarter of Jerusalem by Arab snipers, aiming at Israeli passersby from the walls of the Old City
1977 — (20th of Tammuz, 5737) One person was killed and twenty-two were wounded when terrorists bombed a market in Petah Tikvah
1989 — (3rd of Tammuz, 5749) A terrorist seized a bus traveling between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He forced the bus to crash into a ravine where it burst into flames killing sixteen passengers many of whom burned in their seats

1625 — (11th of Tammuz, 5385) Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipman Heller is placed in prison along with common criminals in a Vienna jail after having been wrongfully convicted of abusing his authority as Chief Rabbi of Prague
2000 — (3rd of Tammuz, 5760) Eighty-eight year old Władysław «Wladek» Szpilman a pianist and classical composer, who is widely known as the protagonist of the 2002 Roman Polanski film The Pianist, which is based on the book «The Pianist» recounting his survival of the German occupation of Warsaw and the Holocaust passed away today