July 5

History events
1247 — (1th Av, 5007) Today, Innocent IV dispatched a bull from Lyons to the Church dignitaries of France and Germany in which for the first time, the repeated baseless and fiendish imputations against the Jews were officially contradicted
1838 — (12th Tammuz, 5598) The Jews of the city of Safed came under attack from the Druze, who also had sacked an Ottoman caravan capturing 300 fully loaded camels of the Sultan. The attack on the Jews was by a group men armed with rifles, knives, axes and clubs.
1933 — (11th Tammuz, 5693) An agricultural settlement, Kadima, was founded on the initiative of Yehoshua Hankin. In 2003, it merged with Tzoran to become Tzoran-Kadima
1936 — (15th Tammuz, 5696) The Palestine Post reported that тhe shooting, bomb throwing and tree uprooting by Arab terrorists continued throughout the country
1950 — (20th Tammuz, 5710) The Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, passed the “Law of Return” which “granted all Jews the right to live in and become a citizen of Israel.”
1959 — (29th Sivan, 5719) In Israel, the 8th government collapsed when David Ben Gurion resigned after Labor Unit and Mapam had voted against the government on the issue of selling arms to West German and refused to leave the coalition
1993 — (16th Tammuz, 5753) Opening of the 14th Maccabiah

1719 — (18th Tammuz, 5479) Rabbi Shmuel Schotten known as the Mharsheishoch, who was born at Schotten in 1644 and was appointed Rosh Yeshiva of the yeshiva in Frankfurt am Main and Rabbi of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1685 passed away today
1764 — (5th Tammuz, 5524) Birthdate of Daniel Mendoza an English prizefighter, who was boxing champion of England 1792-95. He is sometimes called the father of scientific boxing. Mendoza’s style consisted of more than simply battering opponents into submission; his «scientific style» included much movement. His ability to overcome much heavier adversaries was a consequence of this. In 1789 he published The Art of Boxing
1970 — (1th Tammuz, 5730) Amos Zamir and Amos Levitov were captured when their FE4 Phantom was shot down by Egyptian SAM’s during the War of Attrition