July 19

History events
1510 — (12th of Av, 5270) Thirty-eight Jews burned at Berlin
1938 — (20th of Tammuz, 5698) Members of the Gordonia youth movement founded Ma’ale Hahamisha (lit. Ascent of the Five) — a kibbutz in central Israel in the Judean Hills which one of “the 57 tower and stockade settlements” built during the Arab Revolt
1947 — (2th of Av, 5707) The Runnymede Park, Ocean Vigour and Empire Rival, three deportation ships under British control, which were filled with Jewish refugees from the SS Exodus, set sail from Haifa bound for Port-de-Bouc, France
1948 — (12th of Tammuz, 5708) War of Independence. ….. After ten days of fighting, the road from Haifa to Nazareth was firmly in Israeli hands; In Jerusalem, Israeli forces drive off an Arab attack designed to penetrate the new, modern, Jewish section, of the city; The “Second Truce” goes into effect. The state of Israel had survived for two months despite two rounds of fighting with invading Arab Armies. The Jewish state was still not one contiguous unit. Egyptian forces were still in the Negev. The Jerusalem corridor was a slender strip of land and some northern settlements were cut-off from the rest of the country by Arab forces. Despite the truce, there would still be more fighting before the armistice documents would be signed in 1949. Still and all, the Jewish nation, even a precarious state, was a reality
1950 — (5th of Av, 5710) Today “was the date on which a new Jewish community in Germany was officially constituted” when “25 leading representatives of the reestablished Jewish communities met in Frank am Main to fond an umbrella group that would represent all Jews living in Germany” which “they decided to call the Central Council of Jews in Germany”
1955 — (29th of Tammuz, 5715) The Yarkon water project was opened. The Yarkon River flows near Tel Aviv
1969 — (4th of Av, 5729) Israeli commandos begin a night attack on Green Island, a major military installation in the Gulf of Suez
1976 — (21th of Tammuz, 5736) The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli pound was again devalued by 2 percent, to IL 8.12 to the dollar. The Histadrut Executive decided to increase the membership dues and allowed Kupat Holim to charge its members for doctors’ prescriptions

1385 — (10th of Av, 5145) Rabbi Menachem ben Aaron ibn Zerah, author of Zeidah la-Derekh passed away
1982 — (28th of Tammuz, 5742) Seventy-three year old David Frankfurter who created an international sensation when he assassinated the Swiss branch leader of the German NSDAP Wilhelm Gustloff in 1936 in Davos, Switzerland passed away today
1994 — (11th of Ave, 5754) Lt. Guy Ovadia, 23, of Kibbutz Yotvata, was fatally wounded in an ambush near Rafiah. HAMAS took responsibility for the attack, saying it was «a response to the massacre at the Erez checkpoint
2014 — (21st Tammuz, 5774) Col. Amotz Greenberg, 45, of Hod Hasharon, and Sgt. Adar Bersano, 20, of Nahariya, were killed this morning (Shabbat) after a terrorist squad infiltrated from Gaza into Israel through a tunnel