July 14

History events
1349 — (27th of Tammuz, 5109) Today all the Jews living in Frankfurt were murdered and their houses burnt
1870 — (15th of Tammuz, 5630) United Synagogue of London established by Act of Parliament
1944 — (23rd of Tammuz, 5704) Hungarian Jews held at the Reval, Estonia, slave-labor camp are shot in a nearby forest.
1948 — (7th of Tammuz, 5708) War of Independence. ….. During Operation Dekiel, the Irgun occupied the Arab village of Malha after a fierce battle. Several hours later, the Arabs launched a counterattack, but Israeli reinforcements arrived, and the village was retaken at a cost of 17 dead;
After failing to capture the northern Negev town of Negba, the Egyptians attacked the settlement of Gal-On. Gal-On was 15 miles east of Negba and another impediment to the Egyptian advance towards Tel Aviv. The defenders beat off the Egyptian attackers forcing them to seek another route to the Jewish metropolis; The Israelis launched their third attack on the Arab fortress of Latrun. Latrun was held by the crack Arab Legion and blocked the normal road to Jerusalem. The Arabs, who had modern armored vehicles, beat off the attacking Israelis who had not anti-tank weapons; As part of “Operation Dekel,” an offensive designed to take the city of Nazareth, Israeli forces move southeast from the coast and take the town of Shefaram; Forces of the Arab Liberation Army which had been staying in the village began their retreat from Ein Kerem; Israeli planes bombed the airport at Cairo

2017 — (20th of Tammuz, 5777) An infant girl was among three people injured in a firebomb attack in Jerusalem today hours after two Israeli police were killed in an attack by three Israeli-Arab terrorists on the Temple Mount

1663 — (9th of Tammuz, 5423): According to Leopold Zunz, Nathan ben Moses Hannover the Jewish historian and Talmudist best known for writing Yeven Mezulah that described the Khmelnytsky Uprising in which an unprecedented number of Jews were murdered, passed away today
1890 — (26th of Tammuz, 5650) Birthdate of Russian born sculptor Ossip Zadkine
2001 — (23rd of Tammuz, 5761) Twenty eight year old David Cohen of Betar Illit “died today of injuries sustained in a drive-by shooting on July 12