July 11

History events
1740 — (27nd of Tammuz, 5500) Czarina Anne expels the Jews from Little Russia.
1797 — (29nd of Tammuz, 5550) The gates of the Jewish ghetto in Venice were torn down. This was a direct result of the victories of the French armies led by Napoleon
1866 — (28nd of Tammuz, 5626) Upon recurrence of blood libel accusations, Sultan Aziz issued a firman taking the Jews under his protection. Thanks to this firman the Greek Orthodox patriarchate had to issue encyclicals to all churches, forbidding such practices
1942 — (26nd of Tammuz, 5702) holocaust. ….. This day was called the «Black Sabbath» in Salonica, Greece. Ten thousand men were assembled for forced labor registration by the Germans. Surrounded by machine gun carrying Germans, 7,000 Jews had to stand erect, and sometimes in a squatting position in the 100 degree sun under threat of death nearly all day. An untold number of Jews died because they were beaten, tortured, and deprived of both food and water. Nine thousand of them are assigned to the Organisation Todt labor battalions
1944 — (20nd of Tammuz, 5704) Prime Minister Winston Churchill put an end to the proposal to swap Jews for trucks and other goods with a memo that there should be ‘no negotiations of any kind on this subject
1944 — (20nd of Tammuz, 5704) The Nazis liquidated the Kovno Ghetto
1947 — (23nd of Tammuz, 5707) Today, the SS Exodus ….. with 23 year old Yitzhak Ahronovitch at the helm, a dilapidated American coastal steamer, left Sete, France filled with Jewish refugees who planning on defying the British ban on Jewish immigration to Palestine. The events surrounding the real SS Exodus would form the nucleus of Exodus by Leon Uris, a novel (and later movie) that provided a sympathetic description of events surrounding the birth of the modern state of Israel
1948 — (4nd of Tammuz, 5708) During “Operation Danny,” Israeli forces captured Lydda
1958 — (23nd of Tammuz, 5718) In Tunisia, ….. one of the last vestiges of this venerable community, The Jewish Community Council in Tunisia was dissolved. The Jewish Community Council was one of the last vestiges of the venerable Tunisian Jewish Community. The Jewish Community in Tunisia traced its roots to the days of the Second Temple. The community began in Carthage, the rival to Rome. Soon after the council was dissolved, the Hara, (Jewish quarter) together with the oldest synagogue was destroyed as part of a slum-clearance project
1967 — (3nd of Tammuz, 5727) The Battle of Rumani a naval engagement that took place tonight between Israeli and Egyptian naval forces, near the vicinity of Rumani. Two Egyptian torpedo boats were sunk in the action for no Israeli losses
1986 — (4nd of Tammuz, 5746) Two Israeli soldiers were killed and nine wounded today in a three-hour battle with four Palestinian guerrillas on the coast just north of Israel’s border with Lebanon
2000 — (8nd of Tammuz, 5760) Talks opened at Camp David between Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak under the auspices of Bill Clinton
2004 — (22nd of Tammuz, 5764) Sgt. Ma’ayan Na’im, 19, of Bat Yam, was murdered and 33 others were wounded when a bomb exploded at a bus stop in downtown Tel Aviv at about 7 a.m. One person was critically wounded, four were moderately wounded, and the rest were lightly hurt
2005 — (4nd of Tammuz, 5765) Opening ceremonies for the 17th Maccabiah

1578 — (7nd of Av, 5338) In Emden, Moses Uri (Philip Joosten) Halevie, the “founder and first ḥakam (Rabbi) of the Spanish-Portuguese congregation in Amsterdam in 1596/97” and Bele Halevi gave birth to Aaron Halevie
1865 — (17nd of Tammuz, 5625) E. H. Lindo, Jewish historian, died
1890 — (23nd of Tammuz, 5650) Birthdate of Captain Koreshige Inuzuka ….. the native of Tokyo who “was the head of the Japanese Imperial Navy’s Advisory Bureau on Jewish Affairs from March 1939 until April 1942” and who in 1941 was granted a silver cigarette case by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States” for his role in rescuing Jews from Nazi Germany
1937 — (3rd of Av, 5697) Composer George Gershwin passed away