January 11

History events
66 — (28th of Tevet, 3826) The Sanhedrin elected Joseph ben Gorion and the High Priest Anan as the administrative heads of the government of Judea replacing King Agrippa
1882 — (20th of Tevet, 5642) The London Times published the first of two articles that had been “smuggled over the Lithuanian border” that described the pogroms taking place in Russia
1898 — (17th of Tevet, 5658) Anti-Semitic riots broke out in Paris after Ferdinand Esterhazy was acquitted by a secret French Military Court of charges that he, and not Dreyfus, was the spy who had sold military secrets to the Germans
1904 — (23th of Tevet, 5664) In Limerick, Ireland, after “Father John Creagh, a Redemptorist, gave a sermon attacking Jews” the Jews living on Colooney Street closed their shops and “remained locked in their homes” as the “menacing mobs” moved through the Jewish neighborhood
1919 — (10th of Shevat 5679) Romania’s Jewish population grew today when it annexed Transylvania. Romania promised that it would grant full emancipation to its Jewish population at the time of the annexation. The changes were met with opposition by the National Christian Defense League and riots by right-wing students
1920 — (20th of Tevet, 5680) Today “Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the head of the Jewish Administration Commission, who has just returned from Palestine” said “the present situation there is favorable for Jewish immigration” and that he believed “that this year 30,000 Jews”…will be transported to Palestine
1935 — (7th of Shevat 5695) Hakibbutz Hadati, the religious kibbutz movement was founded. Actually, the movement was styled after the moshav, which allowed for ownership of private property. It was affiliated with the HaPoel Ha Mizrachi movement the religious Zionist Labor Organization. Its idea was to combine religious life and labor in a communal agricultural settlement the first being Tirat Tzvi
1937 — (28th of Tevet, 5697) The American Jewish Committee reported that in Rumania ‘the anti-Jewish faction has been gaining ground and is coming ‘closer and closer to victory’” thanks, in part, to the propaganda conducted by German Nazi Agents
1938 — (9th of Shevat 5698) Today, “in a move dictated both by humane considerations and a desire to strip the ‘unitarian’ Vargras Government of every possible appearance of Nazism or Fascism, Brazilian authorities have suspended deportation order that would have returned 800 to 1,000 Jewish immigrants who ae illegally in” Brazil
1939 — (20th of Tevet, 5699) Official figures published tonight show that there are 250,000 refugees on Czech soil of whom 20,000 are Jewish and 15,000 are Sudeten Jews
1940 — (1th of Shevat 5700) “Rigid enforcement of the 8 o’clock curfew decree for Jews in the Bohemia-Moravia Protectorate began” today “when the police raided restaurants and coffee houses arresting all the Jews they found there or on the streets” while “Gestapo agents converged on special rooms set aside for Jews in restaurants and coffee houses.”
1942 — (22th of Tevet, 5702) The Nazis seized 1,500 Jews in Vienna and sent them by train to Riga
1945 — (26th of Tevet, 5705) The deportations of Jews from Hungary to Austria have ended. In Budapest, 120,000 Jews await in protected housing for the arrival of the Red Army. Hungarian Fascist Nyilas thugs entered «protected» Jewish houses throughout Budapest, murdering dozens of residents. A gang of eight Nyilas enter one of the houses and kills 15 men, 26 women and one child. Another group surrounds the Jewish hospital, torturing and killing 95 patients
1949 — (10th of Tevet, 5709) The American Jewish Committee charged today that “seventy-five thousand Jewish residents of Egypt have been the victims of a «general reign of terror» for the last eight months…”
1961 — (23th of Tevet, 5721) The Egoz, a small boat leased by the Mossad to smuggle Jews from Morocco to Gibraltar, capsized. All forty-four of the olim drowned, half were children. After the Egoz disaster, the Jewish Agency and the Mossad worked with threatened Moroccan communities to rescue the children first. In Operation Mural, 530 Moroccan Jewish children were sent by their families on an ostensible holiday in Switzerland—and, from there, flown to Israel
1968 — (10th of Tevet, 5728) Moshe Zvi Segal an eminent Israeli rabbi, linguist and Talmudic scholar passed away. Segal was born in Lithuania in 1876. In 1896, he moved with his family to Scotland and subsequently to London. He was ordained as a rabbi in 1902 and later obtained a degree from Oxford University. He emigrated to the then British Mandate of Palestine in 1926. In 1936 (jointly with Raphael Patai) and again in 1950, Segal was awarded the Bialik Prize for Jewish Thought. In 1954, he was awarded the Israel Prize, for Jewish studies
1971 — (14th of Tevet, 5731) Israel’s population reached 3,000,000
1989 — The High Court has overturned an Israeli military censor’s ban for the first time, allowing the publication of criticism of the head of the Mossad intelligence agency. In its ruling today, the court said the Tel Aviv weekly Ha’ircould print an article questioning the competence of the Mossad chief, whose name is barred from publication. A Ha’ir journalist, Aluf Ben, 24 years old, said his article, which is to be published Friday, criticized Mossad’s role in the Iran-contra arms scandal and the Pollard spy affair, in which an American naval analyst passed American secrets to Israel. The article, which has been banned since August, also blames the Mossad chief for the discovery of Israeli-faked British passports in West Germany and the expulsion of Mossad agents from Britain last year, Mr. Ben said. The evening newspaper Maariv printed more criticism of the agency’s director, but some other newspapers said their reports had been censored. Mossad Chief to Retire The Mossad chief is to retire soon after six years at his post. Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s office denied any link between the retirement and publication of the article.Mr. Ben said the Mossad director was appointed hastily in
2007 — (21th of Tevet, 5767) The free newspaper Israeli which is poised on the brink of closure published its last edition. Israeli is a Hebrew language daily with a press run of 150,000 copies that is handed out free at such locations as bus and train stations, as well as malls and other business centers
2010 — (25th of Tevet, 5770) Remains of a prehistoric Tel Aviv building, which is the earliest ever discovered in the area and estimated to be 7,800-8,400 years’ old, have been unearthed in an archaeological excavation ,the Israel Antiquities Authority announced today

1808 — (11th of Tevet, 5568) Birthdate of novelist Abraham Mapu. Died Oct. 9, 1867
1929 — (29th of Tevet, 5689) Birthdate of Rafael «Raful» Eitan, the native of Afula who became Chief of Staff of the IDF, an MK and Deputy Prime Minister of Israel