February 7

History events
1624 — (27th of Shevat 5384) The Jamestown City (Virginia) Census demonstrated that 38-year-old Elias Legardo, a Jew, came to America in 1621 on the ship Abigall. Legardo was one of the earliest Jews in the Colonies.
1685 — (13th of Adar-1 5445) A document written today, a copy of which found its way into the archives of Breslau, “advised against the establishment of a Hebrew press in Silesia, ‘because there are three very large Jewish printing establishments at Amsterdam in Holland, whence books are sent by sea to Danzig and Memel, thus abundantly providing for the Jews of Poland and Lithuania.’
1903 — (10th of Shevat 5663) “Jews Take Up Prairie Lands” published today described how 56 Jewish families from Chicago comprising 302 people have begun farming 5,440 acres of North Dakota land thanks to the support of the Jewish Agricultural Society led by its president. Adolph Loeb
1917 — (15th of Shevat 5677) The first draft of the Balfour Declaration was written at the Gaster home today in the presence of Chaim Weizmann, Nahum Sokolow, Baron Rothschild, Sir Mark Sykes and Herbert Samuel
1939 — (18th of Shevat 5699) In Berlin, “reiterating the contention that ‘the Jewish problem in Germany will be solved only the last Jews has left the Reich, Nazi party leader Dr. Alfred Rosenberg declared that the “problem must be settled definitively not only for the German Jews, but later for the millions of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe.” Dr. Alfred Rosenberg offered a specific proposal to turn either British Guiana or Madagascar into a “Semitic reservation” which solve “the Jewish question.”
1943 — (16th of Adar-1 5703) The first armed struggle between Jews and Nazis takes place in the Warsaw ghetto. Most people connect the Warsaw Uprisings with Pesach (April) of 1943. Actually, the first fighting took place in February
1946 — (6th of Adar-1 5706) Arabs in Lebanon protested the British “decision to permit 1,500 Jewish immigrants to enter Palestine” each month by staging a general strike today
1947 — (17th of Shevat 5707) This date marks the official founding of the Jewish Agency, a world-wide organization centered in Israel. It is dedicated to the establishment of Israel as the Jewish Homeland, and to the encouragement and fulfillment of Jewish Aliyah from around the world

1870 — Alfred Adler — was an Austrian medical doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the school of individual psychology. Date of death 28 May 1937