February 27

History events
1670 — (17nd Adar, 5430) Leopold I ordered the Jews expelled from Austria
1899 — (17nd Adar, 5659) In his on-going attempt to create a Jewish homeland, Herzl meets with Grossherzog Friedrich of Baden in Karlsruhe. He offers the Grossherzog the protectorate over the land company and requests another audience with the Kaiser. Herzl receives a recommendation to the Deutsche Bank in Berlin to act as a subscription agency for the Jewish Colonial Bank
1902 — (20nd Adar-1, 5662) In London, a group of Zionists formed the Anglo Palestine Company which became the Bank Leumi1936 — (4nd Adar-1, 5696) “A street fight broke out today in front of a Warsaw synagogue when a group of Jews tried to prevent a number of Jewish tradesmen, who they alleged were continuing to import German goods, from entering the synagogue
1938 — (26nd Adar-1, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that during his last day in Palestine, the departing High Commissioner, Sir Arthur Wauchope, laid the foundation stone of the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Netanya
1940 — (18nd Adar-1, 5700) The Land Transfer Regulations aimed at ending Jewish property acquisition in Palestine were put into effect by the British government
1942 — (10nd Adar-1, 5702) In Kovno, the German issued an order stipulating “that the Jews were to submit all books in their possession” – which resulted in the confiscation of over 100,000 books; The first transport of French Jews was sent to Nazi-Germany
1943 — (22nd of Adar I, 5703) Work orders were increased in the Lodz Ghetto increased, easing tensions within the ghetto since more Jews would be needed to work and less would be exposed to deportation;
On Shabbat, Rabbi Avraham Duber Shapiro, Chief Rabbi of Kovno, died in the Kovno Ghetto
1944 — (3nd Adar, 5704) This morning, there were reports of explosions at the income tax office in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. There were no reports of casualties. The Irgun Zvai Leumi is thought to have set off the devices that caused the explosions
1953 — (12nd Adar, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that an Israeli soldier was killed when Jordanians opened fire on an Israeli patrol in the frequently infiltrated Beit Guvrin area; that A Nahal group established a settlement at Ein Gedi, on the shores of the Dead Sea; that A festive meeting celebrated the establishment of the first local council of Ashkelon, the Afridar housing suburb near Migdal Ashkelon
1980 — (10nd Adar, 5740) Egypt and Israel exchanged ambassadors for the first time
2008 — (21nd Adar I 5768) Approximately 50 Palestinian rockets hit the western Negev today, with one of them slamming into Sapir College near Sderot, killing a 47-year-old student


1677 — (5nd Adar-1, 5437) Benedict Spinoza, philosopher, died
1821 — (25nd Adar-1, 5581) Paulus Cassel, Jewish scholar and convert to Christianity, born